Monday, August 20, 2012

This just in...

This week was the first time ever in my life Joshua baked.  Ever. Without instruction and by his own accord.  That's why he gets a post.  Thank you Joshua these (were from a box) were delish. 

Whitten agrees. Even though he's not allowed to have chocolate, dairy or anything containing eggs.
But because he's so sweet he wanted to be supportive by devouring his oatmeal and then spittling it out in between spoon fulls.
 It's not my fault our baby is a genius.
For the record, this is Whitten in his exersaucer, which Josh calls his "Command Station." Which yes, you are correct, is located in my dining room good Lawd I'm the woman I said I would never ever become, turning my formal dining room into the young'n play room. I am humiliated to admit this right now.  But, to feel way hip and with it, I keep my vintage bar cart in the same room, styled and stocked.  So really it's a multipurpose play room.  For all ages.

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Anonymous said...

You keep my laughing!!