Friday, March 29, 2013


I mentioned last week that our weekend was full of projects.  Here's one of them.  This actually overflowed into the week.  Which has left me exhausted.

Remember when it all began?

Yeah well it never stops. I decided to paint the inside of these shelves.

 With the intent to match this rug which is in the adjacent room.

And/Or these peonies.

What a pain in my arse.

I truly do not enjoy doing stuff like this. Alas: the things poor girls will do to look like rich girls.  For more jerry-rigging pointers: Go Here.

But I had to get ready to host a baby shower, see?

And the deadlines of baby showers force me to finish the good work to completion.

Which is a good thing. Because now I am done.  Now will someone please come over and style these shelves?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm selling this.

Hey peeps.  I done told you I was going to be working on my bonus room, with this rug in mind.  Well I changed my mind.  And I'm selling it.  You wanty?  Leave a comment, send me an email, give me a call up on the phone-I would just love for you to have it.

See what had happened was.  I  inherited this dresser from my mother in law...

Got a wild hair...

The craziness continues

With a little Sunburst Red

And there you have it.

So that doesn't match my rug, right?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shumacher Chiang Mai


I'm not THAT behind on the Chiang Mai Dragon, it's just taken me a while to find a place for him in my home.

Probably because he's been busy kickin' it in everybody else's home.





 Which is why my bonus room pinboard looks a little lahkies:




Images to follow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Shower

Just a few shots from Savannah Grace's Baby Shower

Which started like a normal shower, with games...

And gifts.

And sweet hostesses named Jodi. Or JoJo. Or Joji.

And Beth with her rockin bangs. 

And Clyde Cooper's BBQ

Which inevitably turned into barbeque roadies.

Thankfully, as the night continued, things became more and more normal.

Miles became a little warm out by the bonfire.

Mozart Concerto.

And someone stole my phone.

Then we discussed foreign policy.

I hope the neighbors don't mind that we borrowed their broken down tree when we ran out of firewood.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Printer's Alley

Yall.  Yall. Yah'ahll.  I happened by Printer's Alley  {In Raleigh, Not Greensboro} and just soaked up a little bit of inspiration and a lot of happy.

Why do Matouk Linen Displays warrant a picture?  I just love monogrammed linens, this will nevah change.

 I stumbled upon and wallered in the trimmings and tassel {SALE!} tower.  I think Jesus has a special place in heaven for a good tassel.

And I will now take this time to consider trimming my living room curtains in this tassel.  "Tassel Frog Peony" is on sale, as well.  Which is how I know it's meant to be. 

Be still my heart, aquamarine, skirting, and pink piping.  I think I may have $1300 in my back pocket just for this sweatpeat.

Thank the Lord this armchair was marked down to $900.  In my house there are many rooms. 

That would benefit from this color.

I squealed when I saw this credenza BECAUSE I just finished a dresser-turned-media cabinet IN THIS COLOR. THIS VERY COLOR. 

Then they read my mind in that I am searching for a skirted tufted ottoman.  But I'm too rich and swanky for this one.  Sorry, I'm here to tell the truth.

Great Sale on Dupioni Silk, I will be figuring out why I need this at $9/yard.  I told you, I'm here to tell the truth. 

I think this would also go well with my new silk purchase.  That I didn't purchase.  I said I stopped by. 

And I also intend to switch out my window treatments.  But will not be employing Printer's Alley's assistance, rather

I shall go to Lowe's Knows Home Improvement as I may or may not have mentioned in the past

And I'm spent ya'll...

And the baby's up from his nap.  That too.