Friday, April 26, 2013

While I was away from the Blogosphere I had yet another 23rd Birthday (on a Sunday).  Josh made sure the whole weekend was a celebration (which started on Thursday).
Have to love Vic's in City Market.
And babies who want to ruin your stair railings.

And shopping Maxximista style.  Seriously.  Should I be pretending like I only shop Neiman's and high-end boutiques?

And then going on a local brewery tour.  I'm not a huge beer knurd by any stretch-however it was a fun afternoon visit.  Even though we missed the Beer Festival downtown, which let's be honest-may have had a few more beer options and learning opportunities...

And since it was my birthday I felt like a selfie would be admissible.  Ok not really I was sending this picture to some friends to make sure this dress would be ok for birthday drinks...

Surf and Turf sushi at Sono; and of course I couldn't actually get a decent picture of it.  I blame the drunk Beer-Fest 21 year old leftover sitting next to us at the bar with both elbows on the table, face basically in her bowl giving me the stink eye and repeating the phrase, "I hate bitches." I tell you it was a bowl she was feeding herself from because she was sure to ask the bar tender before sitting, "Do YOU HAVE HIBACHI?!?!?" So. Attractive.

The next day was nekkid babies all day long.

And look here ladies and gentleladies...this blogger issue of not being able to resize my images has now been a 2 week long issue.  I have sent feedback. to the Google powers that be.  UGH.  The THINGS that IRRITATE me.

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