Sunday, August 26, 2012

Around Here

Do you know what this is?  This, girls, is the beginnings of a Fantasy Football Draft List.  Very Important.

 This event took many hours to complete.

I think we're supposed to leave him alone.

He did make sure to let me know that he hates this mousepad.  I dont understand.

So while he did that I was busy addressing serious social/women's rights issues by using my knowledge acquired from pinterest

to clean the washing machine. 

Take note:  This did not really work that well.  What I wanted, was for the washing machine to fill with grimey black disease infested water that I single handedly erradicated from our life by measuring the perfect amount of bleach :to: hottest-water-setting-washing machine ratio .  But none of that happenend.  I mean ok yes the washing machine is clean, but you know I love the appropriate use of bleach if and when it is very obvious that a bleaching has taken place.  Why else would I waste my afternoon on a routine bleaching with no evident fruits of my labor?

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