Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Let's go to the beach beach..."

so this past weekend we were totally awesome, got out of town and headed to the beach.
this is one of the 71439865 trashy magazine articles i read on the way down.  apparently one of the olson twins, who is little sister's age, has everything possible in common with a 42 year old "loaded" father/managing director of the Carlyle Group {i'm sorry i'm too plain jane to be familiar with this private equity firm...}with a master's degree in: medieval history {thank you Jesus Lord that 'he is not a stuffy guy,' because by all means, then what would we do?!?} hm. maybe she will share her clothes {or cigarettes} with his preteens, margot and julien. 
naow.  do i really have to say much more. or ...does the breakdown speak for itself.  no i didnt put a question mark there because that would indicate i am asking a question.  {which i am not}

i had to turn away from this horrid article because my reaction made me feel like a codgy old lady; naturally i went for something classy and inspiring.  feel free to subscribe to Garden&Gun at any time, you will not regret it and you may find your "boo" aka your "man" aka your "other half" enjoys a little light glossy mag reading as well.

it was just a quick little weekend trip so ultimately we did this all day and shoppy shoppered all night which i thoroughly enjoyed and my husbie thoroughly endured.
we did of course grab a good meal or two and some adult bev-ies. 

and that, friends. is what we did this weekend.  what'd you do? get crazy or lay low?
both are fabulous.

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