Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around Town

i'm a bit behind on the post-eh but i told-yeh, i'm know doing all sorts of impoh-tant thangs like workin', nursin' {that is not a reference to breast feeding i havent gotten really into the whole breast feeding awareness fad, i think the lady bf-ing her four year old in angus barn last summer pretty much confirmed my opinions on that. she was sitting, he was standing, excuse me.}, house wifey-in', baby mama-in' and cleanting*

*10 points if you know madea
annnd of course enjoying Raleigh-wood with some sweet ladies
just love the capitol city in the summer ;o)  we tried to support the local economy**

**yes i mean that and if you don't you should. now. do it.

and planned to eat at Poole's Diner and give a little love to local chef Ashley Christensen but we did not reaaaaliiiize they be closed on mondees.  because we are well meaning well rounded ladies in the place with style and grace*** we chose another fabulosity****

***RIP Biggie.
****that's the word "fabulous" combined with the word "velocity;" thankyoukimoraleesimmons for your positive contribution for society. 

restaurant experience downtown: Sitti. feel free to try it sometime.  you won't regret it.  even if your only mediterranean food preference includes hummus with pitas and feta cheese.  they have that too. and it's much more delish than the options sold in the refrigerator section at your nearby walmart.

either way thank the Lawd we were safe.

this is what i found when i came home...
how many days long do you they will stay there?

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