Monday, August 6, 2012

It's still summer, people!

Which is why this weekend we were sure to have awesome plans.  See?

ahmahgah we're lahke, FAMOUS, on the red carpet and errything people!

Next order of was also tax free weekend.  So I had to do a little shoppy shoppers.

If I aint had nur burdgit I'da bought'n dis hurr b'curs I lurvs it

buuuut it didn't count towards tax free anyway.  apparently furnies are not considered "back to school items" per the tax i DID pay on the garden stool i purchased. so hmph.

Next order of bi-dnaz: i came across this by chance at Julie Leah and since i lurv lilly, white tees and ex-specially lurv Loren Hope, i felt so inclined to pass along this little piece of basic summer-y tax free in the state of northcarolina goodness.

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