Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok I didn't know this happened.  Until today...isuwanee was all over it.  And in case you missed it, I'm here to spread the love.

You say I'm broke.

I say I'm fabulous.

Now Twirl.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He rescues those whose spirits are crushed." Psalm 34:18


This Sunday I have a heavy heart for friends who have lost their precious five month old little girl.  
Izzy's Parents: Allyson and Landon-My prayer for you is rest.  Thank you for sharing your heart wrenching story .

Izzy taught us about perspective, and her parents taught us what leaning on God really looks like. 

Jesus said "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."-Matthew 11:28-30

"I love the Lord because He hears my voice and prayer for mercy. I will pray as long as I have breath." Psalm 116:1-2

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ok One More List

And Here: Is Your List Of Things You'll Need But Not Right Away; You Can Wait About Two to Three Months Prior to Committing In These Purchases Just In Case You Are Baby-Things-Overwhelmed {as I was}

This is not a Bumbo, it's a Prince LionHeart.  The differenct?  The PLH wasn't recalled.  I know this isn't news to you-Three week olds cannot use these.  You will not need this the first week you bring your sweet cheeks home.

 You'll need an ugly not stylish not cool not chic not posh play mat sooner than you will a seat-but still not right away.  Let's let baby get adjusted to ...being a human being out of utero first. 

Another fabulously not stylish baby item which will make you second guess your own identity every time you look at it-an ExcerSaucer.  You will need this.  You will love it when you see how much your child loves it.  But your child won't love it until she masters the PLH *see above*  So you've got two to three months before adding to your home decor

A High Chair.  You do not need this taking up your personal hair space right away-once again, lets master the Activity Mat, PLH and ExcerSaucer before encouraging that bebe to articulate the Pincher Grasp.  Think: six months or greater.  Aren't you thrilled you can put off this purchase that much longer?!  And no, you do not have to feel as though you've failed mother of the year because your six month old cant pick up a Puff yet.  Let's all care about something else.  Like how bad this new Big Rich Atlanta show on Bravo is going to make us fine southern ladies look to the rest of the world.

PS this thing is way better than a bulky high chair anyway.  You attach it to your table/bar/etc-Easy to put away, does not consume floor space. ETC.

Lastly.  Baby Toys.  They really don't use these right away.  Honestly.  I promise.  Soon enough your home will be taken over by tacky little child trinkets that sing ridiculous songs making you feel as though you ride the Crazy Train.  Put it off.  No you are not ill prepared because you are not over-prepped for a lifetime of child.  Naow that's not to be confused with other types of prepping necessities.

That kind of prepping may or may not be necessary, the verdict is still out.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dahle's Don't List

Here is a list of baby things {some} people {may}say you DO need that you DO NOT need.

{I'm a firm believer in simplicity-if you don't need it-don't buy it, don't over spend on it, don't collect junk, don't waste resources -I would be referring to moneys- on expensive deedads and whatnot's when you can get it on sale, on thrift, on consignment and then -share-GASP-your resources with those that go without resources}

Ok yes the Boppy is on the list.  Only because the BreastFriend is 986936 times better. This diagram explains why.

I used this bottle holder in the dishwasher thing like twice before going into a fit of rage trying to figure out how to arrange the bottles vs the nipples vs the bottle get the point.  I think at one point I threw it {dramatically}

I am pro-baby food making.  But really.  You do not need a baby food making contraption complete with baby friendly font on the label.  A standard, probably already in your kitchen blender, food processor, etc will do.  PS your child won't even use this for at least the first four to six months of her life.

This is called a Splat Mat.  No I'm not kidding.  You will more than likely receive many beautiful blankets and quilts for Tummy Time.  You don't need a specially designated "Splat Mat"

And this creeper, is a sun shade. You know your stroller comes with a perfectly appropriate regulation-safety-approved blah blah blah that doesn't look like a form of restraint used in many Neuro Intensive Care Units across the nation.  And if it's really sunny, blinding sunny, chances are you can use a blanket for coverage.  I know you know that.

A few line items I neglected to address in my last post which are necessary for your mental health and well being:

A convertible car seat to stroller set.  Basically-you will not NEED to use your jogger right away {assuming you want a jogger, I don't know, maybe you don't}, life is a lot easier with the little snap-and-go stroller that accepts most car seats {because when you get out of your car to get your child, you will find that your driving has put her to sleep.  Please refer here when I reiterate-Never.Wake.A.Sleeping.Baby. 
You can borrow one {thank you once again Andrea} or purchase one barely used on consignment.  I know it will probably be barely used because after about five-six months (sometimes three or four) your child will no longer want to ride around in his stroller car seat.  Even if you don't want the little "buggy" at least purchase the stroller that accepts an adaptable car seat so that you don't have to : wake a sleeping baby upon arrival to your destination.

And I will share with you that I am a huge advocate for the co-sleeper.  No my eleven month old does not sleep in my bed-he graduated by ten weeks old as this is when he started sleeping through the night {cutting out the 0330 feeding} -I'm telling you-the 5 S's:read the book- and co-sleeping was no longer necessary.  I was told, initially to never ever ever do this or you will get gonorrhea and die.  Well neither of us contracted gonorrhea-and I slept so much better not getting out of bed every two to three hours to sit up in a glider for 30-45 minutes at a time in the middle of the night.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dahle's List

Dahle's List.  Kind of like Angie's List.  But for Dahle.  I don't really know what Angie's List involves.  Either who.  I told my girlfriend Kristen I'd compile a list of needs vs not needs for her new baby girl. ETA June 2013.  I am thankful that I had a friend in the know compile a similar list for me-thank you so much AmyLace-I stuck with your list, and was not stuck with a bunch of unused baby items.  All: Feel free to check agree/disagree/not applicable.

First and Foremost.  A personalized MAM Pacifier.  For your sanity and your child's style.  Order yours at : classymommy . 
Haters want to hate.  And make you feel guilty about a pacifier.  Direct quote while visiting a lactation consultant with my 3 day old, "You're tricking him."

What a compassionate and understanding comment to make to an exhausted, engorged new mother.  This is an essential to the 5 S's.  My child never refused to eat/nurse/bottle feed/because I gave him a pacifier.  Don't know any of my friends who experienced this kerfuffle either.

This is also to help with the inconsolable baby in your life.  It's safe, It's natural, It works.  Note: Do not use until your newborn is two weeks old.
 Ok a wipe warmer.  I thought this was so unnecessary until I had a baby.  And realized how much more he loves his booty warm rather than cold.

 The Ultimate Sheet Saver.  Surrriously.  0400 hours and the bed is dirty with baby explosions.  This should be over your fitted crib sheet.  Take this little number off, throw it elsewhere {dramatically} and go back to bed.

Burp cloths.  About 12.  {I like when they're monogrammed.}  Surriously.  Again.  They get so dirty.  So fast.  And you do so much laundry.  It's like a choir of angels singing when you find there's a clean burp cloth left-thus prolonging your need to do yet another dreaded load of laundry.

Aiden and Anais swaddle cloths.  Thank you AmyLace for recommending theses lifesavers.  These.  Are the best to swaddle.  And swaddle you will.  I don't want to hear this bull *ish oh my baby doesn't like to swaddle, he likes his uncontrolled limbs to flail about.  Ok yes, 1. Babies don't know what they like yet.  And yes, 2.  You will make your baby like swaddling when you realize how happy he (she) is swaddled.  Swaddling is like witch magic.  This is an essential part to the 5 S's. 

Which leads me to the next necessity.  The Sleep Sheep.  Or some kind of white noise machine.

You need a monitor.  This one has a motion sensor to go under the mattress. AKA detects shallow breathing. Or no breathing.  Yes it did go off-multiple times.  Another thank you to AmyLace-this is the only way I felt comfortable transitioning the baby to sleep in his crib

Thank you Andrea-These bottles are great. {Dr. Brown's, I mean} End of Story.  Don't get a lot at first.
 Thank you again, Andrea-like she told me-it's not the nicest, fanciest, etc-but it's the fastest.  Trust me.  At 2am you want the fastest.  {Yes you can still bottle feed a breast fed baby.  This is another thing haters may lie about- or at least make you feel bad about {the bottles, I mean}.  Yes "nipple confusion" is a real thing-it is just not such the pandemic it's made out to be.

Again again Thank you Andrea-Because you let me borrow this fabulousness.  You don't have to do a Medela pump, but a pricier one, in this case, does equal a nicer one, unfortunately.  It will make your life so much easier.  {That comment comes with a guarantee.} Do not waste your time/money/energy/intelligence one of those sad little hand pumps. I'm being dramatic here.

The Puj tub. So great for a sweet little bittle bebe. Even though she will outgrow this.  Easy to clean, Easy to store, easy to use.

Remember the 5 S's.  Herein Lies everything you should know about newbornies.
Really-this book was 73597946598y698 better than Babywise. 
{However I did get THE SCHEDULE down, so Babywise: you get credit there.  But that's it.}

The Wombie.  You want a child to sleep at night?  Put her to bed in some kind of sleep swaddle sack, Jack.

What am I forgetting?  Something.  I'm sure.  Either way-point being-they really don't need a whole pile of expensive stuff.  Just a few life saving essentials.  I'll let you know what I left out. When I remember.

And of course-a crash course in anything you haven't yet figured out {during this pregnant state}: lies-pregnant-people-tell-you.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blowing Rock Again. A while ago

Since I am using this blog to both express myself and document my good are some of the very few pictures of a girls mountain weekend...multiple weeks ago.  Perhaps you have great weekend plans? Tell.

 Beautiful cabin in Blowing Rock

 Beautifully devoured cheese tray

Beautiful glass of sauvignon blanc where my beautiful bff's brother is employed as sous chef

 Beautifully versatile tube of Nars Schiap


 Told you it was versatile

Friday, January 18, 2013


Ok.  The Zombie Apocalypse.  Are you all aware of this? 

GroupDealz is:

So I started thinking about this today when my doorbell rang not once.  But twice.  On two separate occasions.  at 0730 hours this morning and then again at 1530 hours this afternoon.  Ok.  So. People.  I am afraid of everyone.  So when my doorbell rings, I assume the killers are here.  My dog assumes the killers are here.  My child is woken from his slumber.  (That's not really referring to killers, more like something no one should feel comfortable interrupting)

1. Needless to say I do not answer the door when I am not expecting anyone. 
2.  Like it or not the news has terrified me into a glory hole of suspicion that everyone is out to break into my house, murder me in some horrific sequence of events, and steal my child never to be seen again.  So strangers-don't come over or I might accidentally blow you away.  Seriously y'all, did you  hear the story last week about the woman in Georgia-someone broke into her house to rob her, in the middle of the day-a turn of events- he then decides he wants to torture her and her children instead.  This man chased them through three locked doors, cornering her in a crawl space in her own home-luckily she was on the phone with her husband who had 911 on his other phone and under his brilliant direction shot this disgusting man once he broke through the crawl space, I believe her husband's direct quote was to the effect of, "Ok if he opens that door, you shoot him.  Shoot him a lot."  That wretched excuse for a human being actually had the nerve to ask her to stop shooting him with her .38 special.  Um.  Think again, Jack.  Point in case-I'm afraid of killers, robbers, rapists, and generally sketchy behaviors such as doorbell ringing.

      As one may expect my thoughts took a swift left turn to Crazy Town after the second visitor of the day stood on my doorstep.  They are calling for snow tonight  and I realized I didn't have any milk.*

* Plenty of bread.  No milk.  This is the South.  When it's snowing you get gas, eggs, milk and bread.  

      If this were a neighbor coming over with a sawed off shotgun ready to murder me for my food supply...what would I do?  First of all.  I have no idea what I'd do.  Run through three doors, locking them behind me before getting into the crawl space?  That means I have to get the baby up from his nap...  Secondly.  Do I have enough food to steal?  Not really. {All of these thoughts occurred synonymously} I told you this was Crazy Town.  Then I I need it?  I have true life friends {I'm talking to you: Dahle, Robyn, Jessica} who truly believe in being prepared for the apocalypse.  They watch Doomsday Preppers.  Should I watch this?  Is this something I'm behind on that everyone else is already prepared to endure?  Murderous neighbors ready to kill you for your food supply?  Are you preparing for the apocalypse?  So far every girlfriend I've asked about believes a small stockpile is a smart choice.  Well, you know, "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm" {Prov 13:20 ;o)}
Soooooo...does that mean I need some beans and deer jerky to store in my underground bomb shelter? 

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Are you interested in some of my recent finds?

  Marble Top Plant Stand

Ivy Topiaries

Pink Club Chair

Pink Wing Back

Gingham Club Chair

Botanical Print

Costume Jewels

Turkish Area Rug

Classics (and the gilded gold mirror in the background)

And the bain of my existence.  Beautiful Scroll Back Dining room chairs.  I have steam cleaned.  Hired Stanley Steemer, had those steem machines come back for a round 2.  Sorry to be THAT customer.  Tomorrow I will probably initiate Folex as advised by MaryMac.  People who keep fabulous furniture in storage:  Please do so, kindly, and do not allow it to fill with dust and or mildew. Spranks.

This is after the second cleaning.

For finds on sale at a REASONABLE price try these local gals: