Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pink is like Red but Not Quite.

recently i have come to terms with the fact that I wish my house looked as though lily pulitzer came over for a nice monday brunch (see that way she wont take up my weekend-family time and i get to miss a day of work) and accidentally vomited on everything.  joshua has not come to terms.  so we've come to a conclusion that he will have no opinion regarding interiors decor and i will make sure there is more than a small amount of pink in every room. 


 it goes everywhere
 even the powder room people.

by the way (not that you asked but i'll tell because i'm so like that) this rattan table was the inspiration piece, i bought it from little missy sarah ann at
annd my bar cart with peonies (a personal floral favorite) from mrs meghan at

 I just added that one in there bc i love my bar cart and pink peonies. and that. is a fact.

 and this is just pretty. that. is also a fact.

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