Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Hallerween

PS I'm not that challenged, I realize the pictures are blurry but my child does not care to hold still during picture time.  That's what he said.  He said, "No, I do not care to hold still, thank you for asking."

and because the baby has no teeth and I would be a trash of a mother by giving him candy at 8 months old, instead of trick or treating we went for a walk around the neighborhood during trick or treating time.

so here we go.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012


"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

-Madeleine Albright

I stole the picture from Advanced Style and I stole the quote from a post in Design Darling and both have contributed positively to my day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock the Vote?

This is what I found when google-ing "Rock the Vote."

My point. Exactly.

Who is being marketed here?  A 65 year old woman?  I didn't think so.  Ok so I completely get the whole "Rock the Vote 2012" blah blah blah, Go Vote, Exercise your Right, blah, blah.  But I don't. 

Ok meh meh meh you're already not going to like what I have to say but I'm saying it anyway.  So go ahead, get ready to talk badly about me behind my back, drive by my house so you can throw eggs and spit in my yard, etc etc.  I'll be sure to cry about it whenever I get a chance. My guess it will probably be sometime after the laundry, cooking, cleaning, *paying*job, baby, husband and mediocre social life.

I'm sure it's no shock to you that I don't hate Mitt Romney because he's rich.  And those who do: Go pull yourself up by your bootstraps and worry about something that matters. That's about as bad as hating on Sarah Palin for running for office while she had a young child with disabilities at home*

*{Please. Feel free to dislike her for other reasons. Like being stupid.}

Really?  The last time anything to the effect of "Know your role/Stay home and raise them babies/You ain't welcome here in these parts" to a man was. um. Never.  And coming from a bunch of Democrats at that.  How about that for your women's rights? 

Apparently voting Republican means you hate women.   Per the stakes people put in their yards reading "Vote for Women's Rights Vote Democrat."  Obviously since I'm all about an over-achieving-vagina-having-powerhouse of a lady, I'm a Democrat?  The internet says vagina's vote for Obama.

Additionally, not that you asked, I don't hate Barak Obama because the nation as a whole is still in debt.  I'm not a poly-sci gal mahself, I'm just a little ol' nurse not minding my business but as far as I can tell the nation would be in one hundred thousand billion gabzillion dollars in debt if there were a Republican in office.

How.Ev.Ah.  Do you really need to go rock the vote if you read more xyz on so and so's facebook than abc's on such and such's twitter?  Does that give you a right to vote?  I don't really know that opinion would count as: "informed." 

Of course this is America and it is a right to vote and it is wise to exercise that right, as those before all of us worked hard for the democracy in which we live.  But I daresay.  I don't support one rocking the vote just vote for the sake of voting because BranGelina said so.  I don't support the consensus to choose a favorite political party because your most favorite rapper {I mean who doesn't love Jay Z?!} told us his.   How about this.  How about you should not Rock the Vote.  Until you {the hypothetical and /or theoretical "you"} use this user-friendly guideline:
1.) know what ones views are. about something. anything.  {Just know they're yours and not your most special best friend.}
and 2.) Know what both opposing parties views are on said something/anything of your choice.  And then decide whether or not you agree.

Then go rock the vote. 

That being said, I can tell you this.  Probably, whoever Miley Cyrus {Whose God-Given Birth name is Destiny} is voting for.  I'm probably going for the other one.

Naow.  Who's going to tell her to do something about that tacky camel toe?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yes, No?

Burlap is very versatile, no?





Which is why I bought some at JoJo's for $1.79

Ok right, I did not buy that burlap from JoJo's, these curtains are from Ballard.  They were an impulse pregnancy purchase of which I have never regret.  I wish I could say that more often.

This little peice of fabric is my $1.79 purchase.

What. Evah. Will I do with this?
I shall start.  By ironing it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



Isn't it pretty?

That's why I bought some.

Then I had to stalk the world wide web to see how ever-a-whever I would put it to use.


Then I rode by my best girlfriend Jamie's house to see what she would do with it.  Last year.

I'm completely kidding.  I don't know where she lives.   

I'll keep you posted on progress.  AKA when I take it out of the packaging, out of my unfinished bonus room, and create an arrangement.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


OK Fair Warning: You are now entering Momma Zone.  AKA the place you have gone {and will continue to go} in which in your previous life you swore you would never go.*

*I will elaborate on this topic another time.  And the fact that I took these pictures in my formal dining room which has been converted to a play pen I am ashamed to admit but apparently the truth will set you free, so there it is.

I'm not trying to gloat or anything but.  I mean ok yes I am.  I bought each article of clothing you see here. For under $3.  Yes.  Majority of what you see here ended up costing me a whole $1 per item.

 Since I don't have a little girl but can't pass up a deal...these are on their way to a sweet tart in Wilmington because I owed her momma big time and she just so happens to need a 9 month size.

You can't tell here but above pictured is a toile onesie. AHH!! A TOILE onesie with ruffles?!  Um Yes!

Ok just one more.  I mean really.  No I don't feel bad that this still had tags...with an extry 50% off the lowest price.

Actually, I feel GREAT.
And yes that does say original price $128. Shug.

 Thank you Mrs. Children's Orchard Consignment.  You.  Are the reason my baby is stylin', profilin' and the momma's smilin'.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Front Porch Vamping Continues {as does everything, right?}

So what do I do with this little set, y'all?  I bought both at GCF...$8.99 for the Peacock style chair and $6.99 for the table.  I would never lie to you. Evah.  This set received the same treatment as honey boo boo's patio furnies.  That's raiighhht.  Blee-och.  You don't know who's been touching this stuff, people!

Maybe they won't go outside?  Maybe they'll end up separated? Where do I buy a round seat cushion?  Do I paint them?  They're in excellent they really need paint?  Either way they have to stay covered. This little set should be part of my closing arguments with Josh regarding: Why We Need a Screened in Porch By December. 

Thank you Chinoiserie Chic.  So Pretty.

Questions/Comments/Concerns?  Please do!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yogi Tea

More wise words from my nighttime Yogi Tea*

Seriously.  It's the NightTime..go to sleep chamomile something.  It's scrumptiously cozy and delicious. As Josh would say: Go on. Go get you some.

*And PS-If you are not, go do something about it.

Go on.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Face Lift

Do you know what this is?  Then I'll tell you.  It is a disgusting skirted ottoman from my grandmother's house.  She covered it herself.  Lawd only knows what's going on under that skirt.

Oh ok you don't have to guess.  Because I'll just show you.

Joann's Fabrics (as I like to call it, JoJo's) had a fabbie fab sale.  Like they do erry weekend.  I'm talking. fabbie. fab. fabulicious.  I mean sale so good it hurt. 

I think it ended up being marked down plus take an additional one million off, so say... $7/yard for Waverly Lattice Melon something or other.

But like any self respecting lady I had to explore my options.  Note the little mini cheetah print square down thurr? Gah! So fun.

Ok I enjoyed this suzani print too. Moving on.

Ignore the background of the television, no clue what that was.  Probably The Voice. HA!  Josh think's Blake Shelton is his best friend.

Ok the facelift continues...

The legs don't come off which posed a problem.  However I am very persistant (which has proven to be a good and bad thing) so we just will work around that issure naow won't we?


Ok so then this concludes my adventures in re-upholstery.  I don't have patience to maintain habits of this nature long term.

Have a Romy and Michelle Day!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hi.  It's me again  Further justifying my case that thrift and consignment are the way to go.


Naow.  Would you like to pay $28 for this hurr Demilune Console, or...



How about a mirror to go above your new console?

I'm no mathmatician, but $49 seems much more reasonable than


How about a wingback, to create a nice little reading nook?

Maybe a tufted ottoman complete with nailhead detail of which you might rest your weary feet?

You'll probably need a lamp or two as well...

I'm not making this stuff up, folks.




It's none of my nevermind, but it sure beats your local Target Store Decor