Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On Behalf of the Foundation.

GoodWillCommunityFoundation,that is.   I have a penchant for high cotton style, sister.  Meaning the price points for what i WANT versus what i can HAVE...vary. Think: PabstBlueRibbon budgetary.   I will admit, in part, this is because nothing satisfies me more than a fabbie fab deal.  I feel as though I can say I have fought the good fight.  So I am willing to humiliate myself rummaging through other people's garbage. 
Revel in my most recent findings, people.  Some of these I havent actually "purchased" because they are items that I don't actually "need."

Take Heed. ginger jars, boxwood topiars, brass sconces
Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Plattersthanksomuch
Who wouldnt love a galvinized shelving system for all your storage needs? 

Cast Iron patio table...which will probably have to become mine as in in my posession as in under my ownership.  But at the time I was experiencing buyers anxiety secondary to the concern that it was not the el cheapo-est good will price ever as evidenced by the fact that I did not find this in my local GCF, rather in an antique shop in Pageland, South Carolina. Oh you've never heard of it?
Im a nurse.  I can write my sentences in nursing diagnosis structure at any given time because I practice with an unrestricted license in the State of North Carolina.

and just a few more findings...

i actually bought the little finger bowls on top of this dresser. but not the dresser.  because it wouldnt fit into my sedan with the carseat ;o)

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