Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fighting the Good Fight

 nothing like a little zz top to get us in the mood* ...
*10 points if you caught the romy and michelle reference

no, this will not become a thrifting blog.  no i do not have a problem.  but today i decided to do some scavenging in a few local thrift stores and found some potentials to merely support my theory.  that. it's fun to save money? (ok we're way past save here, we're more on to barely spend any)...and decorate? and do both at the same time?
you see the problem here is, i don't actually have a 4-light chandelier in need of faux leopard/cheetah/pick your breed shades.  but for 79 cents each i mean...
by the way i DO have need for a brass plantar like the one above but it wasn't big enough. i want big. obnoxious. think "FINE HOME" brass plantar.

 and no this is not a thrifty frugalista dyi blog either. let me be very clear here. i am not. repeat. am not an avid diy-er.  i would rather di-someone else.  UNLESS. it's just spray paint. spray paint i can do. because its a quick easy purchase and dry time. and that's what i'm looking for. quick. when i want something honey, i want it yesterday. sorry. of course these 2 end tables were sold already and theyre a little on the formal side but some a fun color ( WATERMELON PINK?!) they'd be right sassy. no they arent "fab hollywood regency chinese chippendale midcentury modern faux bamboo in vintage condition!" but that doesnt mean they arent great.  other things can be great too you know. ilikethem. reminds me of the tudors. which ive never actually seen a full episode and what have you..
ever seen/read/flipped through the book 'good bones great pieces'? me too.  chair above. perf shape. id just change out the legs to a sassy spindle.  and some redneck woman** even sat in in while i was trying to take the picture.  unfortunately i didn't move quickly enough to get a good shot of that while she was saying, 'you 'one take uh picherr uh theis?' yesmaam. i am. and you too if you stay put.

**i'm sorry that was ugly.
NAOW. for the treasures. heavy oneida sterling serving tray...and adorable boxwood topiary

and for what i may or may not go pick up tomorrow for $9.99 a piece once i have the sport utility vehicle...

ok so thank you to queen anne and the cherry tree who sacrificed it all so we could be here today.  the arm chairs had already sold to jackie (so says the sticker). but there are 4 side chairs, which i will paint and recover until i am ready for a big girl set aka furnies that i didn't do arts and crafts with. and yes you did read that correctly. $9.99. a piece. for cherry queen anne dining chairs.
and thank the LORD i found this as i was headed out because i have just been looking all over to finish my set(s).  and you cant get fancy lenox frames just anywhere people.

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