Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diggin up Bones

Many of you may have already heard this tragic news:
NAOW. The truth of the matter is this: this story really hits home.
Josh is from Marshville, North Carolina.
Which, per the welcome sign, is in fact, "The Home of Randy Travis.  And Country Cookin."
Apparently Randy Travis
.  Got nekkid, and drunk, and drove  about Texas.* 
*60 miles north of Dallas, to be exact.
Technically he was not caught driving.  He was caught splayed about in a blackout stupor.  And apparently the man who called 911 could not discern as to whether or not it was nekkid Randy Travis, or a deer. 
Further research indicates that Randy drove his most prized 1998 Pontiac Trans am into a construction zone.
Now while I love Randy Travis,  I don't condone drinking and driving. HOWEVER.  I do think it should be noted that  he, "threatened to shoot and kill," the troopers working the case. While naked. Handcuffed.  In the back of a trooper's vehicle.  
Bless his heart.

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