Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

HEY YA'LL!   Here's us.  Me and my famie fam.  You can't tell very well in this picture, but Whitten's on the way-this was taken at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro by the most fabulous Fearrington Village preferred photographer Krystal Kast in November 2011.

Can you tell I'm still practicing?  Can't figure out how to beef this little page up...

Here We Go!

so i've told myself since i was pregnant (ie at least and or greater than 6 months ago) i'd start blogging. to express myself. ie to give myself an outlet to keep from needing medication on a daily basis. i'm a nurse so i can say that. yes that will be my excuse for most future offensive and or questionable posts, i'm a nurse. i can say that. since everyone i seem to meet at my big girl job seems to think that since i'm a nurse they can say whatsoevertheywish to me. so meh.
either way this is incredibly unlike me mainly because i am so incredibly computer illiterate i didnt know i had it in me to figure out HOW to blog. but i will try new things because how cliche of me you never know unless you try. 

lets talk about fun stuff today-not about how i had to make myself an afternoon mixer out of desperation that consisted of cpa, yes, carolina pale ale and trader joes organic grapefruit juice

bc i had the nerve to run out of:
1. post partum rum (that was a gift from a friend in my small group by the way),
2. redneck sangria, thank you Loren Barham my bff over at  Loren Hope Designs (recipe consisting of trader joe's 3 buck chuck -HOUSE CAB WHAT?!-and Sierra Mist Nat-u-rahl with a splash of leftover fruitas* chunks),
and 3. prosecco, which is what i generally sip on my afternoon walks with my sweetpeat little famie fam; as aformentioned, i am trying to avoid needing, as they say, ie as i say, "a good nerve pill." (run on sentence i know, get off me.)

*fruitas-my verbage for fruit. that may be en espanol, but who can tell?*

and bc i'm new at blogging i cannot provide adorable fabulous images or links to these very fancy evening toddies but let me just tell you,
1. if i could i would
and 2. all of these options are delicious and can be made in seconds in your very own home.  i even serve them, at times, to my best good friends.
but like i said. lets not talk about all these things among other dealings.

lets talk about how i'm going to figure out how to decorate this blog in every way shape and form the way i decorate my new home**, incessantly and indecisively. bc there's really no other way to live.

**that we had to buy after finding out that we {my husbie and i} were expecting, and our 850 sq ft condo downtown juuuust might be too small for us, our 100lb lab (he has since lost weight, by the way, after we moved and throughout the course of my pregnancy due to my need to powerwalk -in order to cope with feelings of angst/nesting/desire for a "good nerve pill.") and new bebe in tow**

so girls and boys here and there it is, as though i have the time to blog with a now 6 month old (ie new full time job despite meeting zero qualifications), half way decorated home (bc obviously we bought more space/more yard without enough furnies and way too much grass that -who am i kidding- i do NOT mow, sorry i do not care to ride that john deer tractor mower thing, that'swhatGodmadeJoshfor), overtly shedding now 85lb lab in 100 degree heat (yes i love my sweet caroline and all that ensues, heat index included) and full time big girl job that apparently i DO meet qualifications for.  so says my most recent midyear evaluation.
see you tomorrow? call me maybe?