Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Front Porch Vamping Continues {as does everything, right?}

So what do I do with this little set, y'all?  I bought both at GCF...$8.99 for the Peacock style chair and $6.99 for the table.  I would never lie to you. Evah.  This set received the same treatment as honey boo boo's patio furnies.  That's raiighhht.  Blee-och.  You don't know who's been touching this stuff, people!

Maybe they won't go outside?  Maybe they'll end up separated? Where do I buy a round seat cushion?  Do I paint them?  They're in excellent they really need paint?  Either way they have to stay covered. This little set should be part of my closing arguments with Josh regarding: Why We Need a Screened in Porch By December. 

Thank you Chinoiserie Chic.  So Pretty.

Questions/Comments/Concerns?  Please do!

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