Thursday, August 30, 2012

All that Glitters Is Not Gold

     So ladies.  Would you mind offering me a minute of your time.  Not a question.   I have an issure I need to address.

     There is a social pandemic going around and it's time to take a stand.  Lately I have become increasingly aware of what I have come to label as, The Awesome Girl. 

"Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness..."

      I know you peeps know who I'm talking about.  I know. You know.  What I'm talking about. {She's awesome.} 

     Really, my beef with The Awesome Girl is that she never admits when she's not awesome and she behaves as though she knows more about awesome things than you do.  {You know awesome stuff too, by the way.}  And I just cant tolerate this kind of self centered oblivion any longer.
     If you don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to be on the look out, she's hard to miss.  She makes sure to surround herself with a bunch of people who she thinks, think she's great-benefit of the doubt-maybe they do-and maybe they spend their free time showering her in accolades-who can really tell?  I know we can't, because all too often, she pretends like she never gets mad or sad or lonely or insecure or insert ugly emotion we all have here,*so we'll never really know. 

*and then insert plastic smile here

My theory is very simple;  Probably, Hopefully, you will agree.  Are you ready?

She's lying.

Ok, didn't get it the first time?  Write it down, here it is again: She's a liar.
     I am here to clear the air.  Because it is the christian thing to do.  She does not do these things, live this offensive lifestyle, because she actually thinks she's perfect.  She lives like this, and forces the rest of us to endure this behavior as she parades it about via social media, because she honestly thinks she's supposed to {be perfect, that is-as opposed to parade about via social media-that's a whole separate topic that needs to be-and will be-addressed at a later date.}

   KNOW THIS.  My theory comes with a disclaimer** 

**Girl:  This is the first and last time I will ever stick up for you, are we clear.  Not a question.

     My Positive And Encouraging K-Love Christian Radio self will argue that this girl behaves so inappropriately, not because she is the most annoying female you have ever met in your life and you have considered blocking her on facebook because she is so over the top too much perfectly awesome that you cannot stand one more update in your feed of her great day/night out with her great friends having a great time looking great doing~insert whatever applies here that is great~but because she thinks we're all playing this game too.  We aren't. 

     Methinks this issue comes from a long line of issues in which said "Girl" compares herself to the illusion of a lifestyle that none of us ACTUALLY live.  What she needs, is an intervention.
So. Ode to The Girl Who Pretends Like Her Life Is Straight Out of a Seventeen Magazine {HA!}

     At this time we do not agree with your lifestyle. 

     Do me and the rest of your social network a favor, and stop pretending.   

     Girl: I know that facebook, and twitter and instagram and myspace {HA!} and pinterest and real housewives are all telling you one thing.   But I have to tell you this thing: Every thing you're comparing yourself to isn't real.  

     No one really likes working out three hours a day. You can stop pretending like you love it and stop pretending like you hate it if you can't.  No one really likes eating nothing but kashi cereal and flaxseed oil to stay skinny every day.  No one really has time to spray tan every week, bleach their teeth every week and get their brown hair highlighted with blond streaks every six weeks ***

***I don't care what anyone says, that is not classy, it is not fashionable, you look like you need to wash your hair, blond hair and brown roots will never be in style in my book, and whoever told you it is, just wants you to look bad so they can be the prettiest.  {I feel comfortable making the general brown hair blond streak comment because most ladies are not actually blonds, the ones who look blond (which is the point, isnt it?) pull it off very well-the ones who continue with this streaking business, which i would hardly call highlighting, need the truth.}

     No one really has the money to shop Neimans online every week {actually, some do, most don't, and I KNOW you don't-this is a down economy, sugar, don't play me}. 
     No one really wants to be friends with everyone, so don't worry, you don't have to be either.  {this has nothing to do with being nice to everyone and loving people with the love of Jesus. Yes you do have to do that.}
     No one really likes to go to every party, every event, every dinner, every get together, every game, etc, every weekend.  You know you don't really have to do that, right?  I mean, we're not.
     You don't have to put your make up and push up bra on before you go to bed so you can wake up sexy.  The rest of us don't.  You don't have to suck in your stomach every time someone gets a picture of you in your bathing suit, you look great anyway, because remember, you work out eight days a week.
     You don't have to pretend like things that are hard for everyone aren't hard for you,
     You don't have to pretend to like things you don't, you don't have to pretend that things you think everyone loves, you love too.  

   I don't know how you got yourself into this mess and shug, quite frankly I don't know how you're going to get out of it, but I can promise you this:  You can relax.  We'll {I'm talking for the rest of us, y'all don't mind, right?} still like you.  Probably, we'll like you more.  However, at this time, you have offended most of the hard working ladies around you by downplaying how hard we work to have a well rounded life by putting on this pitiful facade. 
     I speak in Truth and Love: You are sending the rest of us into terrible fits of angst and social anxiety.  So quit.
LuvyaGuurrrl! ;oP

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Proud!

This past week my husband found out he passed the last of his five licensure exams-
super proud!
So now, Joshua is Registered after three years worth of tests and a couple thousand dollars worth of testing fees {I just have to mention that now he owes the American Association of Landscape Architects $50 for his official stamp. Seriously?} We are super fantastic excited.  Proud Wifey.
Of course we celebrated, at Sono

...sorry before I took the picture, I ate some*

* Forrest Gump

It was el delicious.  For those of you who dont habla espanol, el nino is spanish for: the nino
We try to celebrate Josh with steak at the Angus Barn but since we already did that this year {as opposed to every weekend, which i would not complain about if that was in fact, our reality ;o)} I was sure to order oscar style sushi, topped with rare certified angus beef. do not get it twisted. or overcook my cow.

Naow.  Did you know about this Oak City 7 ?!? Me EITHER.

How festive is this?! We were in the neighborhood. Obvs. So we did a little pickin' and grinnin' with our new favorite self proclaimed appalachian rock band, Big Daddy Love


 Lookaht that high kick...

I didn't do so well capturing the band's following as I would've liked.  A lot of self taught cloggers and tevas {ie no rhythm having white people}.  But it was fabbie fab with a lot of positive energy and good times, plus you ought know i cant resist some cute little hillbilly babies*** up past bedtime

***Obviously I'm joking.  Obviously this child is not a hillbilly.  He is wearing shoes.  Obviously.

ANYWHO.  they were too-la-git to quit because they had a great bassist, and even better banjo {even though someone ought to let them know: if you're going to play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band}
Plus Oak City 7 made sure to have plenty of Got to be NC vendors present,

which you know i love.
and you know i also love...

But if you don't know, now you know.

And then somehow to the nother this ended up coming home with me.

Mazel Tov!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ain't Life Grand

East Carolina University School of Nursing Class of December 2006

I got together with some girlfriends from nursing school this weekend- so very awesome wonderful and great to catch up.  Boyfriends turned engagements, marraiges, babies, jobs, new jobs, more babies- a lot changes in five and a half years, people! 

"...aint life grand...?"

What were you doing five {almost 6} years ago, friends?  Did you know you'd be here doing this riahhchere riahhtnaow?  Me either.
Hey nursing girls, that song reminds me of the time in OB class when the hot granola male midwife teacher who's name escapes me* {you know, the one who wore turquoise necklaces and bracelets and rings to ward off...placental abruption...?} 

*Bob Green, maybe?

played Widespread Panic in his lecture**

**obviously for some nice soothing background music while the pregnant sim lab lady birthed a baby, with her plastic sim lab vagina facing directly towards towards the class

and that mouthy rude girl had the nerve to raise her hand ~insert eastern north carolina accent here~ {ps i mean that extremely endearingly as i love any and all things eastern north carolina} she was all, "ah meeen, ah lohve wiaahde spread pahhniic, ahhnd ah'd evin beehn to one uh thehheir cohnceerrrts, buhht naht whiahhle i'm trahhhyin tah learrhn cauhhse ah caihnt heeeuur whahhht yurr sahhyin"
I can say that right? I doubt she'll read it because she unfriended me on facebook. I think.

Either way. Today I am thankful for old friends who may have seen the worst of you but are still there to catch up over cheap pizza and even cheaper wine. 

For the record, I didn't remember that any of these pictures existed.

{but i'm glad they do}

ok just a few more

now if you'll excuse me from 2006, my child has log rolled himself across the room and is wrapped up in the  floor to ceiling curtains.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Around Here

Do you know what this is?  This, girls, is the beginnings of a Fantasy Football Draft List.  Very Important.

 This event took many hours to complete.

I think we're supposed to leave him alone.

He did make sure to let me know that he hates this mousepad.  I dont understand.

So while he did that I was busy addressing serious social/women's rights issues by using my knowledge acquired from pinterest

to clean the washing machine. 

Take note:  This did not really work that well.  What I wanted, was for the washing machine to fill with grimey black disease infested water that I single handedly erradicated from our life by measuring the perfect amount of bleach :to: hottest-water-setting-washing machine ratio .  But none of that happenend.  I mean ok yes the washing machine is clean, but you know I love the appropriate use of bleach if and when it is very obvious that a bleaching has taken place.  Why else would I waste my afternoon on a routine bleaching with no evident fruits of my labor?

New Living Translation

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lillian Sale

today was the last day of the online lilly pulitzer i made myself more than welcome.

just a few pieces i thought were a little sophisticated fun!

and wayyyy on sale. i mean way.  my tote was originally full of and or greater than $500 worth of merchandise, but that is not our reality*

*10 points if you can name which housewife's husband chooses this phrase to describe their lifestyle.

so i had to narrow it-on-dahn-nah.

right as i was reveling in my fabulous money saving online shopping experience, and by the way-did i mention i was working against the clock? lillian extended the sale to 4pm, that's 1600 my time, and apparently when you start online shopping at 3pm, that's 1500 {also my time} online shopping is not as quick as one might think when one would like to find ones size in tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories so we're talking, click click click, review the order at 3:59pm, {you got it, 1559}-anyway, i'm off topic, story of my life, ok i'm checking out, and some lilly loving slut puppy swooped in and bought this gem right from under me!!

ugh. its green. its toile. it's tastefully know what, it's best the maker herself {yes i believe lilly said this verbatim}
"FINAL SALE! Prim and polished the Hayes skirt showcases lady-like in a new spotlight. Paired with any of our spring blouses or tops it's the perfect skirt for transitioning into spring.

Short simple skirt with ruffle and buttons. Approx. 15 1/4" from top front center to hem. Dry clean only. Boucle Blend."
why wouldn't you want it right now now now?!  I can't say I blame the little thief.  So the powers that be in the lilly pulitzer online shopping store felt comfortable just removing it from my tote as someone else in the world was also racing against the clock in the lily sale of the summer.  whitegirlproblems.


i've come to the realization.  that i. am getting more and more boring by the minute. 

i just had a conversation, in which i was completely absorbed in talking to my BFF*
*ode to my young fun loving self

     about how thrilled. yes thrilled. i am to create new meals out of leftovers.  leftovers is such an unfortunate word.  i am crying as i type this. ok who am i kidding; i'm not crying because its not sad; its fabulous and exhilarating. {are you aware that i will keep a bunch of rotten bananas because there is excellent chocolate chip banana bread to be had...?!**}

**now this just feels like desperation

     let me just take the time to express to you. how fabulously exhilarating it is to be resourceful. seriously, typing this is depressing and scary at the same time, can you feel the internal conflict i am having with my way fun 'who cares lets take our sweet tea bourbon to bojangles with us' self and my new resourceful working woman wife mother practical self? gah. i'm all about balance, people.  i'm also about catharsis so i have to get it off my chest
whats that internet explorer commercial turned radio song because everyone pumped up the volume when it came on during breaks of their most favorite show, GCB***

***you'll rue the day my show was cancelled!!!


no seriously.  i took the roast we ate last night and made a delicious and nutritious Paula Deen Beef Stew ...ok left out the oil and added veggies.  i actually brought this topic up in conversation {what's worse..on gchat} but i have to shout it from the rooftops! i'm boring but there's supper on the table, and you're welcome over if you'd like some ;o)

i'm definitely not a food photographer; the htc sense isn't really cutting it. hmph.

don't think i wont make our leftover mashed potatoes from last night into loaded broccoli potato soup. 

because i will. and i might just blog about it. and how i added carrots broccoli and asparagus, and how no i will not take credit, thank you,
this is a Whole Foods Recipe  {have i mentioned my crock pot chicken that turns into quinoa/chicken/blackbean enchiladas? how about left over ground turkey {or beef or tofu} is excellent with brown rice in stuffed peppers?! i didnt think so. if you'd like to, i could tell you, if you want, i mean if you care, which you probably dont, but if you do...?}   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Let's go to the beach beach..."

so this past weekend we were totally awesome, got out of town and headed to the beach.
this is one of the 71439865 trashy magazine articles i read on the way down.  apparently one of the olson twins, who is little sister's age, has everything possible in common with a 42 year old "loaded" father/managing director of the Carlyle Group {i'm sorry i'm too plain jane to be familiar with this private equity firm...}with a master's degree in: medieval history {thank you Jesus Lord that 'he is not a stuffy guy,' because by all means, then what would we do?!?} hm. maybe she will share her clothes {or cigarettes} with his preteens, margot and julien. 
naow.  do i really have to say much more. or ...does the breakdown speak for itself.  no i didnt put a question mark there because that would indicate i am asking a question.  {which i am not}

i had to turn away from this horrid article because my reaction made me feel like a codgy old lady; naturally i went for something classy and inspiring.  feel free to subscribe to Garden&Gun at any time, you will not regret it and you may find your "boo" aka your "man" aka your "other half" enjoys a little light glossy mag reading as well.

it was just a quick little weekend trip so ultimately we did this all day and shoppy shoppered all night which i thoroughly enjoyed and my husbie thoroughly endured.
we did of course grab a good meal or two and some adult bev-ies. 

and that, friends. is what we did this weekend.  what'd you do? get crazy or lay low?
both are fabulous.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


look at what i accidentally took a picture of the other day. 

do you know what that is?? then i'll tell you. trash. in someone's car. {passenger seat, to be specific.} i don't think i was able to capture how serious this hoarding issue appears to be as you cannot see the collection that is overtaking the dashboard.  seriously. this man is driving around in a trash can.  and can i just say, that amongst the rotten garbage in this utility van i was unable to visualize {until i drove away} the human being {i'm assuming owner...?} sitting in the driver seat.  who watched me unload my shopping cart complete with child and car seat, turn around, position myself just right, and take a picture of his personal space.  he didn't even roll down his window to tell me to mind my own beeswax.  which i can only assume is because he could not locate the button.

Monday, August 20, 2012

This just in...

This week was the first time ever in my life Joshua baked.  Ever. Without instruction and by his own accord.  That's why he gets a post.  Thank you Joshua these (were from a box) were delish. 

Whitten agrees. Even though he's not allowed to have chocolate, dairy or anything containing eggs.
But because he's so sweet he wanted to be supportive by devouring his oatmeal and then spittling it out in between spoon fulls.
 It's not my fault our baby is a genius.
For the record, this is Whitten in his exersaucer, which Josh calls his "Command Station." Which yes, you are correct, is located in my dining room good Lawd I'm the woman I said I would never ever become, turning my formal dining room into the young'n play room. I am humiliated to admit this right now.  But, to feel way hip and with it, I keep my vintage bar cart in the same room, styled and stocked.  So really it's a multipurpose play room.  For all ages.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around Town

i'm a bit behind on the post-eh but i told-yeh, i'm know doing all sorts of impoh-tant thangs like workin', nursin' {that is not a reference to breast feeding i havent gotten really into the whole breast feeding awareness fad, i think the lady bf-ing her four year old in angus barn last summer pretty much confirmed my opinions on that. she was sitting, he was standing, excuse me.}, house wifey-in', baby mama-in' and cleanting*

*10 points if you know madea
annnd of course enjoying Raleigh-wood with some sweet ladies
just love the capitol city in the summer ;o)  we tried to support the local economy**

**yes i mean that and if you don't you should. now. do it.

and planned to eat at Poole's Diner and give a little love to local chef Ashley Christensen but we did not reaaaaliiiize they be closed on mondees.  because we are well meaning well rounded ladies in the place with style and grace*** we chose another fabulosity****

***RIP Biggie.
****that's the word "fabulous" combined with the word "velocity;" thankyoukimoraleesimmons for your positive contribution for society. 

restaurant experience downtown: Sitti. feel free to try it sometime.  you won't regret it.  even if your only mediterranean food preference includes hummus with pitas and feta cheese.  they have that too. and it's much more delish than the options sold in the refrigerator section at your nearby walmart.

either way thank the Lawd we were safe.

this is what i found when i came home...
how many days long do you they will stay there?

Monday, August 13, 2012

You Might Be A Nurse...

I am going to take some time out of my busy day to confess that I might be a nurse since...
-I think it's completely normal/acceptable/appropriate to use words such as but not limited to: penis, vagina, drainage, rectum, fungating, malodorous, scrotum and labia in regular conversation in an effort to be very clear and descriptive in my story-telling, i mean, report.
-I also use these words while in a restaurant in which valet parking is complimentary, one is expected to tip the waitstaff at least twenty percent, and the dinner options probably do not include a dollar menu.  I am acutely aware that others may or may not find to be normal/acceptable/appropriate.
-I would never allow myself to look into my closet and only find "medical" aka "pajamas" aka scrubs to wear.  I am sorry that is absolutely inexcusable and if this is a stronghold in your life please contact me so we can pray about it.  I am here to help.
-I know for a fact that all bleeding stops. eventually.
-Of course the pain will go away when it stops hurting. 
- I really don't care about the rhythm. 
-"Too Stupid to Live," should be an admitting diagnosis,  so should "Are You Kidding me?,"  "You Took What, and Drove?," and "Wait, Who Admitted You?"
-I am more than willing fill out the AMA paperwork {signing out against medical advice} for individuals experiencing difficulty in the areas of reading, riting, and rithmatic. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diggin up Bones

Many of you may have already heard this tragic news:
NAOW. The truth of the matter is this: this story really hits home.
Josh is from Marshville, North Carolina.
Which, per the welcome sign, is in fact, "The Home of Randy Travis.  And Country Cookin."
Apparently Randy Travis
.  Got nekkid, and drunk, and drove  about Texas.* 
*60 miles north of Dallas, to be exact.
Technically he was not caught driving.  He was caught splayed about in a blackout stupor.  And apparently the man who called 911 could not discern as to whether or not it was nekkid Randy Travis, or a deer. 
Further research indicates that Randy drove his most prized 1998 Pontiac Trans am into a construction zone.
Now while I love Randy Travis,  I don't condone drinking and driving. HOWEVER.  I do think it should be noted that  he, "threatened to shoot and kill," the troopers working the case. While naked. Handcuffed.  In the back of a trooper's vehicle.  
Bless his heart.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lies Post Pregnant People Tell You

now, i really had no intentions to continue to lead you to the light but i visited with a friend recently, who just had a baby, to drop off a nice little hot chicken salad casserole,*

*because that's what you do here. in the sahouth. you feed people.  when all else fails. you feed people.  and feed them good.  get your skinny girl recipes out of here.  in these times in need you have no right to deprive a friend of butter and mayonnaise , do you understand me?! 

say hello, meet baby, and then be on my way.**

**because when a friend who has just had a baby is in need, you feed her, then you leave.  that's it.  that's what you do.  she is not hosting you, you are not the guest, you are not welcome to take off your shoes and stay awhile, accept a drink when offered, etc etc. get out. UNLESS this post partum friend has said, "no, come. please. feed us. {here's the kicker:} and stay awhile."  (she wont).

I'm off topic.
ok. the point.
Lies Post Pregnant People Tell You or rather Truths Post Pregnant People Don't Tell You, Which is Lying By Omission
1.  After you have a baby you are more tired than you've ever been in your life, thus superseding the original most tired you've ever been in your life during pregnancy
2.  That would mean, that multiple phone calls, visits, drop ins, and bad in hospital photography actually is exhausting on top of labor exhaustion and an hours old baby exhaustion.
3. Then you feel really badly being exhausted because you are just so grateful for everyone's support that you don't actually TELL your visitors and callers that you probably could fall asleep standing up if someone would stop coming in asking you to puhleaze fill out your hospital meal menu {snap fingers in a zig zag here} or for you to choose and pay for terrible third rate photography -who's idea was that, anyway?!
4. Your first shower will feel like the most wonderful amazing water of the gods experience in your life
5. Then it will make you exhausted
6.  The first time the nurse/aide teaches you how to use the spray bottle with warm water, and delicious dermaplast aerosol mixed with crushed dry ice alternating with sopping wet witch hazel pads, in humongous stretchy white granny panties you will a)feel like you could possibly propose marriage to her {i will not say he as i have never in my life met a male post partum nurse}and b) feel like it is the most wonderful amazing peri-care experience of the gods in your life
7. So much so that the thought of running out of any of these supplies will more than likely drive you into a panic attack so you might send your husband to blue ridge pharmacy after having him track down said supplies, to find that this is the ONLY pharmacy in the COUNTY to carry such necessities
8.  That is not the only thing to drive you into a panicked frenzy.  just about everything that occurs from day ...3 on to about day 14 will probably send you into some level of frantic or another
9.  This is completely unexplainable, i don't know why this happens {maybe it's the overly hormonal, physically uncomfortable, hungry, sleep deprived state that has persisted for the past seven days?} and everyone who tells you they didn't experience anxiety attacks complete with the vomit cry, on the regular, if only for a short period of time, is a dirty liar and can call me directly on my personal line, please remember to dial the area code 919 first as Raleigh now has two.
10.  Going home is fabulous because being in the hospital is not.
11.  Then it is exhausting.  Because the visitors. know where you live.
12.  And you love them.  But you're just so tired. {to clarify. you love the visitors.  they are great.  they are your only link to normalcy and the outside world.  they must come. for your sanity.  But you're just so tired.}
13.  The food that ensues post partum. is so necessary. do not ever turn it down.  do not ever say we have enough.  freeze it. keep it. hoard it near and dear close to your heart. forever and ever amen.  this. will bring you through the hardest times, girl.
14.  Remember the hunger you had when you were pregnant?  The constant, nagging hunger?  You. Ain't. Seen. Nothin'. Yet.
15.  Breast feeding. Is hard.
16.  It is normal and ok for it to be so hard. that you cry about it.  a lot. I have two friends who did not have a hard time breast feeding.  Two.  Ever.  They are obviously anointed by Jesus.
17.  When your milk comes in, it feels like you are being walloped with a sledgehammer right in the middle of your back, just between your shoulder blades.  But then it stops.
18.  Find one lactation consultant. and try not to deviate.  they mean well but all tell you different things and when all you want is for your nipples to stop cracking open-while your baby could care less, as long as he/she is fed every two to three hours-you do not have the emotional stability to reach a conclusion in the bottomless sea of well meaning opinions.
19.  Feeding that baby on a schedule is a good thing. check. great. thing. 
20.  Never. Wake. A Sleeping. Baby. (at night/after bedtime/etc)***

***obviously this advice is in reference to a healthy full term weight gaining baby, which i shouldn't even have to clarify because this is OBVIOUSLY not a website meant for medical reference and or insight but some people take themselves entirely too seriously. i know you know what I'm talking about

21.  Some groups. try and make you feel bad if you don't follow this guideline. To them I say, "FIDDLE DEE DEE!"
22.  Being engorged. Feels like your boobies are on fire.  icepacks. getsome.
23.  Sometimes, your newborn will take 45 minutes to nurse. every three (mine was two) hours. well meaning individuals will make efforts to comfort you, telling you, "it will get better."  When you are hormonal, hungry, sore and sleep deprived, your capacity to commit murder threshold is at an all time low.  well meaning individuals, might i redirect you? instead of offering this useless piece of advice, how about some encouragement by way of laundry, dishes, diaper changes, or...have i mentioned food?
24.  "Sleep while the baby sleeps." Is near about impossible.  And a talent I wish I was able to acquire
25.  Two words: Gripe. Water.
26.  You will feel like you are falling apart.  i.e. I said to Josh multiple times, "I feel like I'm falling apart."  This has many meanings.  Your significant other might be a little bit afraid of you.  They should be.
27.  You will feel better on day 14.  If you do not pick up your phone. You can call me (dial 919 first) and I will bring you a casserole. It will have a protein in it.  Then I will change your babies diaper. Then we will make a quick call to your primary care physician and get a call in over to the local Kerr Drug (that's pronounced CAR not KER) for some zoloft (good. old. reliable.) and micronor.  Don't worry.  I'll fix you a roadie-I'll drive.  I have a car seat adapter.
28. Yes you can take that while nursing don't let a hipster lie to you (to all three substances mentioned in # 27)
29.  I'm telling you, it's the breast feeding that turns you into a raving lunatic, not the baby. 
30.  At about three in the morning, your prayers may sound something like this,  "Dear God? Please, just.  Something... ?"  And that's ok.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lookie Hurr!

Oh my goodnie I just learnt about this while perusing Pawleys Island Posh
and I just lurrrrv its
How sassy?!  It's done by Bird Ave Studio and they offer multiple cities and different background color options and sizes.  Nice matte, nice frame, nice. Nahhice.  Lurv its.  Of course mine would be pink  What? 

Then I started scavenging.

All at The Pink Pagoda.  These are just a few options-verry perrrtty.


And here I go proving to you how pretty pink and blue are together. With gold. And zebra.

And how great it looks in clothing as well.  Isn't there already a blog about that?  The girl makes the clothes and the decor match? Yes. Yes there is. Girl: Don't worry.  I'm not stealing your ideas.  But this isn't from that sight.