Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lookie Hurr!

Oh my goodnie I just learnt about this while perusing Pawleys Island Posh
and I just lurrrrv its
How sassy?!  It's done by Bird Ave Studio and they offer multiple cities and different background color options and sizes.  Nice matte, nice frame, nice. Nahhice.  Lurv its.  Of course mine would be pink  What? 

Then I started scavenging.

All at The Pink Pagoda.  These are just a few options-verry perrrtty.


And here I go proving to you how pretty pink and blue are together. With gold. And zebra.

And how great it looks in clothing as well.  Isn't there already a blog about that?  The girl makes the clothes and the decor match? Yes. Yes there is. Girl: Don't worry.  I'm not stealing your ideas.  But this isn't from that sight.

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