Monday, August 27, 2012

Ain't Life Grand

East Carolina University School of Nursing Class of December 2006

I got together with some girlfriends from nursing school this weekend- so very awesome wonderful and great to catch up.  Boyfriends turned engagements, marraiges, babies, jobs, new jobs, more babies- a lot changes in five and a half years, people! 

"...aint life grand...?"

What were you doing five {almost 6} years ago, friends?  Did you know you'd be here doing this riahhchere riahhtnaow?  Me either.
Hey nursing girls, that song reminds me of the time in OB class when the hot granola male midwife teacher who's name escapes me* {you know, the one who wore turquoise necklaces and bracelets and rings to ward off...placental abruption...?} 

*Bob Green, maybe?

played Widespread Panic in his lecture**

**obviously for some nice soothing background music while the pregnant sim lab lady birthed a baby, with her plastic sim lab vagina facing directly towards towards the class

and that mouthy rude girl had the nerve to raise her hand ~insert eastern north carolina accent here~ {ps i mean that extremely endearingly as i love any and all things eastern north carolina} she was all, "ah meeen, ah lohve wiaahde spread pahhniic, ahhnd ah'd evin beehn to one uh thehheir cohnceerrrts, buhht naht whiahhle i'm trahhhyin tah learrhn cauhhse ah caihnt heeeuur whahhht yurr sahhyin"
I can say that right? I doubt she'll read it because she unfriended me on facebook. I think.

Either way. Today I am thankful for old friends who may have seen the worst of you but are still there to catch up over cheap pizza and even cheaper wine. 

For the record, I didn't remember that any of these pictures existed.

{but i'm glad they do}

ok just a few more

now if you'll excuse me from 2006, my child has log rolled himself across the room and is wrapped up in the  floor to ceiling curtains.

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