Saturday, August 25, 2012


i've come to the realization.  that i. am getting more and more boring by the minute. 

i just had a conversation, in which i was completely absorbed in talking to my BFF*
*ode to my young fun loving self

     about how thrilled. yes thrilled. i am to create new meals out of leftovers.  leftovers is such an unfortunate word.  i am crying as i type this. ok who am i kidding; i'm not crying because its not sad; its fabulous and exhilarating. {are you aware that i will keep a bunch of rotten bananas because there is excellent chocolate chip banana bread to be had...?!**}

**now this just feels like desperation

     let me just take the time to express to you. how fabulously exhilarating it is to be resourceful. seriously, typing this is depressing and scary at the same time, can you feel the internal conflict i am having with my way fun 'who cares lets take our sweet tea bourbon to bojangles with us' self and my new resourceful working woman wife mother practical self? gah. i'm all about balance, people.  i'm also about catharsis so i have to get it off my chest
whats that internet explorer commercial turned radio song because everyone pumped up the volume when it came on during breaks of their most favorite show, GCB***

***you'll rue the day my show was cancelled!!!


no seriously.  i took the roast we ate last night and made a delicious and nutritious Paula Deen Beef Stew ...ok left out the oil and added veggies.  i actually brought this topic up in conversation {what's worse..on gchat} but i have to shout it from the rooftops! i'm boring but there's supper on the table, and you're welcome over if you'd like some ;o)

i'm definitely not a food photographer; the htc sense isn't really cutting it. hmph.

don't think i wont make our leftover mashed potatoes from last night into loaded broccoli potato soup. 

because i will. and i might just blog about it. and how i added carrots broccoli and asparagus, and how no i will not take credit, thank you,
this is a Whole Foods Recipe  {have i mentioned my crock pot chicken that turns into quinoa/chicken/blackbean enchiladas? how about left over ground turkey {or beef or tofu} is excellent with brown rice in stuffed peppers?! i didnt think so. if you'd like to, i could tell you, if you want, i mean if you care, which you probably dont, but if you do...?}   

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