Friday, October 4, 2013

Wedding Weekend

I don't know about YOU ALL {yall} but wedding season has been slightly later this year for us.  And so here we go.  A documentation of how wedding season has made an excellent excuse for a much needed BabyMoon.
Starting with a party on Thursday night.

No darling, this isn't the actual party, this is the after party of a pregnant woman.  And to be honest, just as good if not better than many after parties in my time.  {No offense to the hosts and hostess of said after parties}

And then obviously The Friday night post-rehearsal dinner party welcome bag and actual party

And then celebratory Saturday with friends on a rooftop bar while everyone enjoyed afternoon toddies while I had the worst ginger ale of my life.  I'm not saying that for dramatics, I mean it.

And onto the Saturday evening ceremony with chartered greyhound bus from downtown to a local plantation home.  Obviously.

Lowndes Grove, Ya'll.

 Beautiful Tablescape.

Beautiful Cake Cutting.

Beautiful Bride.

And there you have it.  Would you like to know about the rest of our Babymoon?  To be continued...


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