Monday, February 4, 2013

Babylon off Dawson

Did you ladies have a fantrabulous weekend?  Me too.  It started out a little something lahhhkiiiees.

For those of you not well versed in volume, those are velcro rollers. 

Well the evening started nicely and some of us ladies decided to try out Babylon (Off Dawson.)  You have to get there by taking the loop to Capitol off Peace.  There is no other way.  I promise.  No. Other. Way.  We tried.

Started out like any other evening.

Then.  We realized we actually took a left on Peace and a right on Capitol then a left on Lane and right on Blount only to end up in Creepyville.  {I'm saying, it was not that easily accessible-Babylon, that is.}  And not to be a hater or a prude or  behind on the times...but I'm not really down with escort services.  Not that kind of gal.  Not my thing.   Which is why it's a shame the seven of us were stuck beside such an unfortunate {and inappropriate, I might mention} situation all night.

 And even though we sat down at 2045 to eat and did not recieve our food until 2230 {while Ginger, some may know her as "Jenna"} had to politely ask the waitress to check on her wine after waiting a good forty five minutes after ordering...and despite the fact that the "dining room" turned into "da club" mid-meal, we managed to have a great time.

I can only hope this group did as well. 

And this one.

Since our meal was interrupted by some strange Taylor Swift dance-beatz-revolution-mix, we had to find dessert elsewhere.

Hey is the Hot Sign on?


And Heather, I am so sorry I was so involved in your personal space, I am just embarassed at my lack of self awareness.

I believe someone had an issue with this heel height.

Grown women should always harrass high school aged Krispy Kreme employees to take multiple pictures of them as though they were in Myrtle Beach on Spring Break.

We then were invited to leave.  Because apparently they were "closing."

Have a great night, Krispies.  Thank you for the good times.

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