Friday, August 30, 2013


And here we have it, moving on to the upstairs powder room.  Thinking we'll go chocolate brown.   That's "Shah-co-lahhh."  Not "Chocolate"

Chocolate for small spaces hey why not.

Chocolate for a powder room?  Even better.  Don't you want to powder up righcheer?

Or here even?  Ok we're not going that drastic in terms of beautification because if you want to know the God's honest truth, I don't plan in being in this house forever, nahmean?  I mean I may or may not be scoping out fmrealty every now and again for the fun in it.  ShoWhat?  And if you repeat that to my husband I will lie bold faced.

Sherwin Williams Less Brown is the bottom shade and I think it wins.  It has more of a lavender undertone, which everyone loves.  Because lavender is amazing.  The color and the aroma.  Plus I'm trying to be realistic in that the other two look like I smeared Jello Pudding on the walls to entertain my child.

Which I would never do inside my home because I hate cleaning up huge messes of that nature.  In your home, if we were invited, maybe. Probably.
Ok I would because it seems like fun and I know he'd love it.

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