Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Trying.

Obviously this image is stolen from Instagram.  I follow Sweet Southern Prep's blog and I follow her on Instagram.  And this picture blows me away.  I pretty much use her and abuse her for advice...because I need it...and obviously she is an expert in her field.  She has been doing a series..."How I Do It" for a little while now, which I Do Enjoy! Because frankly, I don't quite get how she does it.

So after taking her lead...this is how I'm trying to do it.

...Feed him snacks in the car to avoid toddler breakdowns in public.  Be prepared: include the catch-all bib in order to catch-some.

When you forget the bib, replace it with a  napkin.  Like an 89 year old man would in a country restaurant.  Continue to feed him snacks and limitless bowls of applesauce to avoid toddler breakdowns and shout outs in said country restaurants.

In this summer heat, keep him well hydrated-only with organic whole milk.

Always allow him to feed himself, no matter how disgusting, and only offer nutritious options like oatmeal.  Remember: Healthy Habits Start Now.


Make trips to the grocery store fun.  Encourage your child to express himself.

Remember: bath time should be fun as well.  Don't force your child to conform to everyday norms and social morays of "clothing" in "public."

{My sincerest apologies to anyone offended in the posting of this picture}

Foster early socialization with children of the opposite sex.  Do not impose your personal modesty "issues" upon your children.

Your home is not your own.  Allow curiosity and exploration.

And when he finds chocolate chip something or others in a drawer in a bag in another bag complete with childproof lock that is well within reach, who are you to take it away?  Do you not want your child to learn a little autonomy?

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