Friday, August 2, 2013

Sneaker Peaker.

Ok so then there now then.  Here's a sneaker peaker {get it, like me, Peak, Apex, the Peak of Good Livin' whereabouts I am from...cute, right?} or two of my new rash decision.

I don't regret it.  I don't regret it one bit I tell you. I need some calm, neutral, un-opinionated, un-judging mind yo' own budinezz keep out of my hair space type feel up in the hizzy.  The carpet remnant is actually lighter than shown in my iPhone4s {be runnin' all slow ain't nobody got time for that...} camera shows.  But I un-apologetically love this decision it is what is right for us and our family and we just need to do what's best for us right now, ok?


Which brings me to another topic. 

I don't have a coffee table on purpose.  But I don't think I like that decision any more.  And it's ok to admit when you're wrong or you may not have made the right choice the first go round.  Thankfully we have another go round here.  So whatdayasay?!  Acrylic with brass accents, yes?  This-a-way my child won't accidentally murder himself on my furniture.  As he attempts to do daily despite my efforts.  Seriously.  He doesn't care if he dies if and when in the process of having a great time running and screaming and banging into things with a screwdriver or a hammer or a knife or whatever. 

I can't control everything ok.

And I'm ok with that.
My new family room has me so zen lately ya'll.  Git you some, shug.

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