Thursday, August 29, 2013

Since. January.

So.  Nevermind that I've been talking about this since January.  It's actually coming to fruition.  Here we go-pink as a neutral.  Obviously I've done some research...
Think calm cozy come sit a spell. 
Then I checked into Sherwin Williams' most preferred pinks.  Here you have it party people.  Verbena on top and White Dogwood underneath.  And I am quite aware of the fact that in this image...they look exactly the same.

And a Nikon 7 Bajillion would've been nice to more accurately capture the truest true hue of hues, however, you can manage with Siri and the iPhone 4s images, of that I am sure.
Ever notice how soooooome people try and lure you into their blog with great images of boring nothingness and you honestly think you've come upon a great blog until you realize.  You've judged the book by it's cover aka the work of an expensive camera.
No me either.

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