Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ask Sherwin Williams.

Do you see this mess?  What kind of wretched miserable people do you think we are?  Paint.  Ugh. The bain of my existence.  I really should be more humiliated that we've been here for 2 years and the upstairs is still covered in builders base paint BEIGE. BEIGE people.  I've been looking at beige upstairs for two years. Disgust.
So you're going to be thrilled for me when I tell you that we've hired someone to do the job when we {my husband and I} are both able bodied individuals with 2 working hands and arms CHOOSING not to take on this task because painting makes anyone want to maim something. 
But apparently before they come and make our things fabulous we have to pick out our own colors, they don't just supply live-in interior designers that get wrapped into the overall labor fee.  {They should be.  I swear those painter people get paid more than I do.}
In all of my complaining I have to tell you-I found a Lending Tree of Odd Jobs while searching: Thumb Tack.  Ok so: you fill out what service you're looking for, where you live and individuals contact you, offer their price and capowee, you pick the best of the best.
I think that about wraps up my educational series on : How To Get Out of Doing Things You Hate Doing and Justifying It To Your Husband and Getting Your Way and Still Managing To Complain About Something.

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