Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Kitchen Keeper

Ok it's that time again.  For me to tell you what exactly "is up" with me.  Lately I've been into.  Wait for it.  It's thrilling.  Ok ready?  Meal Planning.  When I say "into" I don't mean I actually "enjoy" it as in I "like" it, rather I have this un-warranted need to feel "prepared."  For the apocalypse.  No really I'm not sure what I need to prepare for, however I feel immense satisfaction once I know what EXACTLY I'll be EATING in the near future.

It's creepy.

So not only do I scour the Internet to help me meal plan, I have gotten into freezer meals. Gah. I always tell you the most humiliating aspects of myself.  Well because I blog only for the catharsis, here it goes.  My adventures in food preparation.  We will begin with my homemade sauce.

Putting up tomatoes.
Boil those bad babies and peel the skin right off nah.

Into the blendy-blender, with some fresh basil, oregano, garlic-o, onion...salt salt and more salt.

And onto the stove.  Naow.  I'm not quite sure why my gravy is not bright red, but lets keep it real here, I'm kind of making my own rules up as I go, I ain't Giada, nahmeans, mains? But mah man ain't complainin' so vodka sauce it will look like, I guess.
Hey wouldn't some meatballs go great with that sauce?  I think I've got some 94/7 all natural grass fed beef in the 'fridgedare...wait, yes, yes I do.  Good thing I'm going to add some spinach and flax to that mamma-jamma...and garlic and onion and oregano and parsley, hey hey hey {why not?! my house, my rules}
Then I saw this super fun pin on pinterest...in which you bake your meatballs in muffin pans.  Yeehaw why not, I'm not a "No, Man"...or..."No, Ma'am!"**
**Challenge to you: make a point to say YES more often.  Seriously have you seen that movie with Zooey Deschanel?-I could just kiss her all ovah.

And there you have it.  Yes we'll eat some this week and yes some went into the freezer don't act like you didn't know!
Stay tuned for more tales from the kitchen keeper.
Oh. My. Lordt.

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