Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smoothie Queen

I had this great idea aka my sister had this great idea to fix smoothies and then pop them out of the freezer on the way to work for breakfast.  Please enjoy this documentation of my smoothie making adventures.

I made it up as I went because why wouldn't I? Strawberries, bananas, blue berries, black berries, you name it I fixed it.

I had cottage cheese but no greek yogurt, both are interchangeable.  To all the haters: it was quite delish. 


I did add a dabble of fruit/vegetable juice as my smoothie wasn't really juicing as I preferred.  By dabble I mean mayyybe 1/4 cup...probably more like 1/8 cup

And because I'm into this kind of thing {health and wellness, that is} I added flax seed and I have never regret doing so.

These canning jars were on big momma sale at JoJo's.  We're talking $7 for 12 I think.  Repeat: No Regrets.

And there she goes.  Canned Smoothie.  I'm going to speak the truth...sometimes I add ice cream to them because I'd rather have a milkshake than smoothie.

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