Thursday, January 17, 2013


Are you interested in some of my recent finds?

  Marble Top Plant Stand

Ivy Topiaries

Pink Club Chair

Pink Wing Back

Gingham Club Chair

Botanical Print

Costume Jewels

Turkish Area Rug

Classics (and the gilded gold mirror in the background)

And the bain of my existence.  Beautiful Scroll Back Dining room chairs.  I have steam cleaned.  Hired Stanley Steemer, had those steem machines come back for a round 2.  Sorry to be THAT customer.  Tomorrow I will probably initiate Folex as advised by MaryMac.  People who keep fabulous furniture in storage:  Please do so, kindly, and do not allow it to fill with dust and or mildew. Spranks.

This is after the second cleaning.

For finds on sale at a REASONABLE price try these local gals:

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