Friday, January 25, 2013

Dahle's Don't List

Here is a list of baby things {some} people {may}say you DO need that you DO NOT need.

{I'm a firm believer in simplicity-if you don't need it-don't buy it, don't over spend on it, don't collect junk, don't waste resources -I would be referring to moneys- on expensive deedads and whatnot's when you can get it on sale, on thrift, on consignment and then -share-GASP-your resources with those that go without resources}

Ok yes the Boppy is on the list.  Only because the BreastFriend is 986936 times better. This diagram explains why.

I used this bottle holder in the dishwasher thing like twice before going into a fit of rage trying to figure out how to arrange the bottles vs the nipples vs the bottle get the point.  I think at one point I threw it {dramatically}

I am pro-baby food making.  But really.  You do not need a baby food making contraption complete with baby friendly font on the label.  A standard, probably already in your kitchen blender, food processor, etc will do.  PS your child won't even use this for at least the first four to six months of her life.

This is called a Splat Mat.  No I'm not kidding.  You will more than likely receive many beautiful blankets and quilts for Tummy Time.  You don't need a specially designated "Splat Mat"

And this creeper, is a sun shade. You know your stroller comes with a perfectly appropriate regulation-safety-approved blah blah blah that doesn't look like a form of restraint used in many Neuro Intensive Care Units across the nation.  And if it's really sunny, blinding sunny, chances are you can use a blanket for coverage.  I know you know that.

A few line items I neglected to address in my last post which are necessary for your mental health and well being:

A convertible car seat to stroller set.  Basically-you will not NEED to use your jogger right away {assuming you want a jogger, I don't know, maybe you don't}, life is a lot easier with the little snap-and-go stroller that accepts most car seats {because when you get out of your car to get your child, you will find that your driving has put her to sleep.  Please refer here when I reiterate-Never.Wake.A.Sleeping.Baby. 
You can borrow one {thank you once again Andrea} or purchase one barely used on consignment.  I know it will probably be barely used because after about five-six months (sometimes three or four) your child will no longer want to ride around in his stroller car seat.  Even if you don't want the little "buggy" at least purchase the stroller that accepts an adaptable car seat so that you don't have to : wake a sleeping baby upon arrival to your destination.

And I will share with you that I am a huge advocate for the co-sleeper.  No my eleven month old does not sleep in my bed-he graduated by ten weeks old as this is when he started sleeping through the night {cutting out the 0330 feeding} -I'm telling you-the 5 S's:read the book- and co-sleeping was no longer necessary.  I was told, initially to never ever ever do this or you will get gonorrhea and die.  Well neither of us contracted gonorrhea-and I slept so much better not getting out of bed every two to three hours to sit up in a glider for 30-45 minutes at a time in the middle of the night.

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