Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ok One More List

And Here: Is Your List Of Things You'll Need But Not Right Away; You Can Wait About Two to Three Months Prior to Committing In These Purchases Just In Case You Are Baby-Things-Overwhelmed {as I was}

This is not a Bumbo, it's a Prince LionHeart.  The differenct?  The PLH wasn't recalled.  I know this isn't news to you-Three week olds cannot use these.  You will not need this the first week you bring your sweet cheeks home.

 You'll need an ugly not stylish not cool not chic not posh play mat sooner than you will a seat-but still not right away.  Let's let baby get adjusted to ...being a human being out of utero first. 

Another fabulously not stylish baby item which will make you second guess your own identity every time you look at it-an ExcerSaucer.  You will need this.  You will love it when you see how much your child loves it.  But your child won't love it until she masters the PLH *see above*  So you've got two to three months before adding to your home decor

A High Chair.  You do not need this taking up your personal hair space right away-once again, lets master the Activity Mat, PLH and ExcerSaucer before encouraging that bebe to articulate the Pincher Grasp.  Think: six months or greater.  Aren't you thrilled you can put off this purchase that much longer?!  And no, you do not have to feel as though you've failed mother of the year because your six month old cant pick up a Puff yet.  Let's all care about something else.  Like how bad this new Big Rich Atlanta show on Bravo is going to make us fine southern ladies look to the rest of the world.

PS this thing is way better than a bulky high chair anyway.  You attach it to your table/bar/etc-Easy to put away, does not consume floor space. ETC.

Lastly.  Baby Toys.  They really don't use these right away.  Honestly.  I promise.  Soon enough your home will be taken over by tacky little child trinkets that sing ridiculous songs making you feel as though you ride the Crazy Train.  Put it off.  No you are not ill prepared because you are not over-prepped for a lifetime of child.  Naow that's not to be confused with other types of prepping necessities.

That kind of prepping may or may not be necessary, the verdict is still out.

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