Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Case as a China Cabinet

Oh Me.  More Projects.  Or Progress.  Depending on whether your glass is half full or empty.  Some days are different than others.  And no that doesn't make you a bad hearted pessimist on the days your glass is 3/4 empty.  It is what it is. Ahnd I'ah Lahkes Tah Cahll It's What It I-uhs.

NAH.  THIS.  Is china storage, which has been housing my china since my day of marriage June 6, 2009.

You guessed it sister, we's ah brahngin' thah chahna outthah bags.

Ugh.  *shudder* I hate piles of messy clutter.  Gives me social anxiety.

So let me just tell you, these china cabinets are actually bookshelves from my Grandmother circa 1970 and some sort of hideous wood "grain" so unattractive that I did not take a before picture for your viewing pleasure.  Thank you Josh for being so obedient to the Lord and painting these shelves while I did the fireplace.

I don't really know how to style a china cabinet or bookshelves to stand in as a china cabinet, so re-arranging is in order.  I honestly considered hiring an interior decorator to consult on these kinds of topics.

But I didn't follow through because that was more like a dream than a serious, "You know what, I should..." thought.

This is not a styled china cabinet so stop judging me.  And no my silver has not been polished as I don't have any "Help"

Which I tried to polish with an at-home remedy per Pinterest.  Which was a joke that wasn't funny.

Anywho.  Back on topic:
Need some color back there, would love some wallpaper or paint but gah that's yet another project. Bear with me.

This fabric scrap is a goodwill purchase costing me my weeks earnings of $3.  So I felt really badly buying it and not knowing what I would do with such pretty florals.

I decided I'd put them on panels because I can't sew and I don't have a sewing machine.  So I had these canvas boards in my attic, don't ask, won't tell. Because I don't know why I had them.  Here comes the staple gun. 
Which as life would have it, was without staples.  So I had to rummage around for something like. this.

Tacky is exactly how I felt jerry-rigging these "boards" with GCF Fabric and Glue.

And the panels won't stay there, just put them there until they find a home, hopefully in this room. 

It's actually quite difficult to get any of these projects done in a timely fashion when you have a little monster sabotaging your efforts.  Don't pay attention to the dissaray in his cage.  It's normally spotlessly clean and perfectly styled.

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