Monday, January 14, 2013

Be'Fo and Ather.

I told you I was starting a project.  I promise I actually do set out to complete the good work within bible verse tangent, ok back on track-


During.  This is the first layer of Kilz.  I highly recommend priming your brick with kilz.  Actually I highly recommend priming your anything painting diy with kilz because I think it covers a multitude of sins.  Whoops there I go again {on my own...}  No seriously.  I should buy stock in kilz.  I also should've bought stock in Gardisil before in got big.  Right around 2006.  Not kidding.  I would be very rich.  Bitch.  {Thank you NeNe Leaks.  I love you very muchly}

Ok layer of high gloss paint number one.  I have to say I hate painting.  This was not fun.  It was quick.  But that doesn't mean it was fun.  I used a brush, got smart, used a roller, and then my sister, who's always been smarter than me, suggested a foam brush for cracks.  The brick is porous {I'm sure you're well aware of the properties of this aforementioned, "brick"}.  Either way, I wanted to slap someone.  Not in a good way.

See those pores?
I ain't lahn'

AAANNNNND the Ather. {not after.  ather}
Since this picture the mantel has been re-styled

Sorry for the blurry glare but Blogger is being a pain in my arse about loading images lately {so I won't be trying to load another "better" picture at this moment} hence the reason I haven't posted in forever because I don't have one million minutes to sit and figure out 1) why my blog is linked to google plus which I never use and 2) why my images load on picasa, then inherently to google plus, but in a jumbled mess of a picture library, enough to make me slap someone.  again.  Not in a good way.

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