Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dahle's List

Dahle's List.  Kind of like Angie's List.  But for Dahle.  I don't really know what Angie's List involves.  Either who.  I told my girlfriend Kristen I'd compile a list of needs vs not needs for her new baby girl. ETA June 2013.  I am thankful that I had a friend in the know compile a similar list for me-thank you so much AmyLace-I stuck with your list, and was not stuck with a bunch of unused baby items.  All: Feel free to check agree/disagree/not applicable.

First and Foremost.  A personalized MAM Pacifier.  For your sanity and your child's style.  Order yours at : classymommy . 
Haters want to hate.  And make you feel guilty about a pacifier.  Direct quote while visiting a lactation consultant with my 3 day old, "You're tricking him."

What a compassionate and understanding comment to make to an exhausted, engorged new mother.  This is an essential to the 5 S's.  My child never refused to eat/nurse/bottle feed/because I gave him a pacifier.  Don't know any of my friends who experienced this kerfuffle either.

This is also to help with the inconsolable baby in your life.  It's safe, It's natural, It works.  Note: Do not use until your newborn is two weeks old.
 Ok a wipe warmer.  I thought this was so unnecessary until I had a baby.  And realized how much more he loves his booty warm rather than cold.

 The Ultimate Sheet Saver.  Surrriously.  0400 hours and the bed is dirty with baby explosions.  This should be over your fitted crib sheet.  Take this little number off, throw it elsewhere {dramatically} and go back to bed.

Burp cloths.  About 12.  {I like when they're monogrammed.}  Surriously.  Again.  They get so dirty.  So fast.  And you do so much laundry.  It's like a choir of angels singing when you find there's a clean burp cloth left-thus prolonging your need to do yet another dreaded load of laundry.

Aiden and Anais swaddle cloths.  Thank you AmyLace for recommending theses lifesavers.  These.  Are the best to swaddle.  And swaddle you will.  I don't want to hear this bull *ish oh my baby doesn't like to swaddle, he likes his uncontrolled limbs to flail about.  Ok yes, 1. Babies don't know what they like yet.  And yes, 2.  You will make your baby like swaddling when you realize how happy he (she) is swaddled.  Swaddling is like witch magic.  This is an essential part to the 5 S's. 

Which leads me to the next necessity.  The Sleep Sheep.  Or some kind of white noise machine.

You need a monitor.  This one has a motion sensor to go under the mattress. AKA detects shallow breathing. Or no breathing.  Yes it did go off-multiple times.  Another thank you to AmyLace-this is the only way I felt comfortable transitioning the baby to sleep in his crib

Thank you Andrea-These bottles are great. {Dr. Brown's, I mean} End of Story.  Don't get a lot at first.
 Thank you again, Andrea-like she told me-it's not the nicest, fanciest, etc-but it's the fastest.  Trust me.  At 2am you want the fastest.  {Yes you can still bottle feed a breast fed baby.  This is another thing haters may lie about- or at least make you feel bad about {the bottles, I mean}.  Yes "nipple confusion" is a real thing-it is just not such the pandemic it's made out to be.

Again again Thank you Andrea-Because you let me borrow this fabulousness.  You don't have to do a Medela pump, but a pricier one, in this case, does equal a nicer one, unfortunately.  It will make your life so much easier.  {That comment comes with a guarantee.} Do not waste your time/money/energy/intelligence one of those sad little hand pumps. I'm being dramatic here.

The Puj tub. So great for a sweet little bittle bebe. Even though she will outgrow this.  Easy to clean, Easy to store, easy to use.

Remember the 5 S's.  Herein Lies everything you should know about newbornies.
Really-this book was 73597946598y698 better than Babywise. 
{However I did get THE SCHEDULE down, so Babywise: you get credit there.  But that's it.}

The Wombie.  You want a child to sleep at night?  Put her to bed in some kind of sleep swaddle sack, Jack.

What am I forgetting?  Something.  I'm sure.  Either way-point being-they really don't need a whole pile of expensive stuff.  Just a few life saving essentials.  I'll let you know what I left out. When I remember.

And of course-a crash course in anything you haven't yet figured out {during this pregnant state}: lies-pregnant-people-tell-you.

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