Thursday, September 27, 2012

Football Season

Heyyy, remember them?!  They came down this past weekend to tell the Engagement Story in person.  Kidding.  It's Fall Ya'll!  {Which means, It's Football Season, Ya'll!}

Thank you Dahle for feeding us full, supper was both delicious and nutritious.

Say Cheese for the Blog, peeps.

Luke and Dahle showed us their fabbie fab new house-thank you for your hospitality, we jus' luh ya'll

Thank you Bojangles for all you do as well.  Pleasing my palette since 1994.

Thank you Luke for holding the baby while we packed the car.  Whitten didn't care to take part.  AKA {who else reads "above knee amputation" here?} He wasn't invited.

So we took a family picture and I took him across the street to my cousin who was a sweet precious muffin pie and watched him for us while we went to the game with some frannnns

PS Thank you again MamaLo and LindseyBrooke for Whitten's NC State JohnJohn {with shirt but it was too hot for the shirt nahmean?!}

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