Thursday, October 18, 2012


OK Fair Warning: You are now entering Momma Zone.  AKA the place you have gone {and will continue to go} in which in your previous life you swore you would never go.*

*I will elaborate on this topic another time.  And the fact that I took these pictures in my formal dining room which has been converted to a play pen I am ashamed to admit but apparently the truth will set you free, so there it is.

I'm not trying to gloat or anything but.  I mean ok yes I am.  I bought each article of clothing you see here. For under $3.  Yes.  Majority of what you see here ended up costing me a whole $1 per item.

 Since I don't have a little girl but can't pass up a deal...these are on their way to a sweet tart in Wilmington because I owed her momma big time and she just so happens to need a 9 month size.

You can't tell here but above pictured is a toile onesie. AHH!! A TOILE onesie with ruffles?!  Um Yes!

Ok just one more.  I mean really.  No I don't feel bad that this still had tags...with an extry 50% off the lowest price.

Actually, I feel GREAT.
And yes that does say original price $128. Shug.

 Thank you Mrs. Children's Orchard Consignment.  You.  Are the reason my baby is stylin', profilin' and the momma's smilin'.

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