Wednesday, September 5, 2012


     Excuse me ya'll, I've been on hiatus! So for all intents and purposes I started this blog as an outlet, way of expression, another form in which I can completely entertain myself with, myself. 

     So, right now, as I'm forcing my baby to take a nap, he is upstairs, choosing to cry it out, we are going on-  ok I wont even tell you how long because of what the hipsters might think of me-  I am living life on the edge, treating myself to 15 minutes in my lady room, and a cold bev. 

     That's right, my lady room.  Ever heard of a man room? Yes, me too-that's why I have a lady room.

Do you see that?  That's iced coffee in the middle of the afternoon!  Gah! Not morning, but afternoon! I'm going to be up way past my bedtime yall but I need something to calm these nerves-why on God's Green EARTH will this child not nap in the afternoon?!?  I WORK FROM HOME IN THE AFTERNOONS TAKE A NAP CHILD. Not just so I can work but so I can stay sane!  AND BLOG! ;o)

Ok here it is again, I'm about to take a sip, ready?

This afternoon break will involve catching up on some of my favorite glossies

Yes I do a little more than just light reading but if you know what I do for a living, you know it's nice to read about things that aren't really important, thus taking a break from things that are very important.  And that my friends, is called: balance.

Sometimes looking at the pictures of the pictures is more fun, and I'd be more than happy to show you some articles of note...

I have an appreciation for Ms. Allison Glock's (author) appreciations-perhaps you may feel the same?

Seems as though she's gone prodigal but has experienced renewing of heart and mind.  Come on back girl, we'd just love to have you!

I also have an appreciation for the Southern Living Idea House...

 And tufting.  And animal carcass. Antlers. Whatever.

And right now I'm in the process of decorating our outdoor space so I steal other people's ideas {oh you don't do that?}

I'm hoping to do a nice little covered porch re-do for a reasonable price so I've checked out my local thrift as well as craigslist in an effort to exude high cotton style-Oh you don't like good deals? Or thrift?  Or craigslist?  I'm afraid we may not have much in common.

PS I love Ballard, and Ballard's new partnership with SoLi {that's what I call it, much more sassy I think} and I even more so, I love that they are kind enough to their patronage to offer a coupon.  That I'll probably use. 

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