Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Far From} Live! At the Red Carpet. {To your Home.}

Since I consider myself a Joan Ranger I feel comfortable educating you in regards to this years Emmy's Best Dressed.  Per Me.  And dressing yourself does not only include your clothes.  Per My Nana.  "You're home is a reflection of your self."  Which must be why I was brought up under the precedent that "Southern women don't have trash."  Per my mother.  Which must be why we emptied every trash can in our house on a daily basis.  And then again if we were expecting company.
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Liz Caan

Jim Thompson

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Digs Design Company

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{couldn't really narrow this one down}


Hooked On Houses

Despite the fact that I'm not done re-capping for you.  I have to go.  Do something productive.  And important.  Like laundry.  

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