Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A+ Nails, people.

Am I the only one incapable of taking care of this task by myself?!  Honestly yall, I'm about to do some free advertising.  If you don't get your toes done often, you totes should at this fabulous hole in the wall right on the southern Raleigh/Garner/Fuquay just outside the beltline nail salon.  They stay open until 730 people!  That's 1930 to my nursing friends. Don't want anyone showing up at 0730, I mean they're good, but they aren't that good, mmmk?

So after I'm the last appointment in for the day and the last customer out, I try and take this snobby getaway pic of me leaving their outdated nail salon decorating ways in the dust {thus irritating other drivers in the strip mall parking lot because I'm not exactly proficient at driving the get-away car hungry AND taking a rear-view sayonara pic at the same time, because I've never done it before, honestly}

But I had to take two because the first just wasn't right.  That's better.

Even though you cant even see the store frontage or the parking lot paradise I had backed myself into {or the Subway, Serenity Hair Salon and it's tobacco loving employees out front sitting on the curb, Electric Beans Coffee Shop and/or AutoBell Car Wash-just to name a few, honey} This is all I have to show for my life-saving visit.
So why all the A+ Nail Salon accolades you ask?!  Well in a tragic sequence off events Josh stubbed my freshly painted toe over a Buffalo Chicken Sammie I was inhaling, nearly whole {in a very lady like manner} at Tyler's Taproom in Seaboard Station {those last few details don't really matter at all except to prove that I got out of that dreaded "shopping center" to dwell amongst the favorable as quickly as possible thus regaining all necessary and deserved highest regards, knowing that I only eat bar food in RESPECTABLELY located chain restaurants}-I returned the following day, with a smudge I couldn't handle to look at for the next 2-3 weeks {depending on the budget ;o)}WITH AN 18 MONTH OLD and they sat me BACK in the "spa" chair, fixed my polish and wouldn't accept a dime after listening to my child shriek in excitement over what I have yet to discern.
So here you go, glenn coco- A+ Nail Salon.  Get you some.

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