Friday, September 6, 2013

Sequence of Events

In case you
were wondering about yesterday's sequence of events...
In this particular order:



So I'm overly proud of that ridiculous chalkboard thing that I made because it's so DIY of me.  Thank you to my little friends who taught me how to do it aka literally had to explain step by step the paint to buy, how to disassemble the old frame {that I found in a pile of junk-us in the attic} to spray the glass AFTER REMOVING IT from the actual frame.  And then to top it off I doodled all cute-say in chalk on it as well which is so on trend...chalkboard doodling, so hot right now.  Ok for real though I'm going too use the hell out of that thing.

Then to make me feel a little more like a reasonable, un-craft lady, I met a sweet treat of a friend at Ashley Christensen's new coffee shop Joule by the babe's new preschool.  And she is right, we are so hipster now. {My gf, not Ashley Christensen.  I mean AC doesn't know me, so we didn't joke about being 29 year old hipsters together over sinfully chic cheddar gravy biscuits.  Obviously. Sheesh.}

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