Friday, September 20, 2013

Late Night.

The results of Late Night Zhushing.  Used to, in a previous life, late night did not include moving furniture around.  Eitherwho. This is what I do when I can't sleep.  Which is almost every night.  Because I have been self diagnosed with pregnancy insomnia.


So here you have it.  I read somewhere to accent chairs with scarves if you don't need {or want to pay for} any more throws in your living area.  This is a brilliant idea.  Maybe or maybe not we will implement this permanently in our house.
As you can tell.  We still need that coffee table.  Or ottoman.  Or Both.  Just kidding not both.  But it has to be el cheapo.  And I had the stupidest of ideas that maybe I'd DIY one...thanks pinterest for encouraging me to practice out of  my scope...but no thanks.  After thought and deliberation and remembering that my DIY interests and abilities fall short of spray paint...I decided to stalk craigslist, amazon, the maxximmista, and other el cheapo-cheaperton avenues of which I hate to admit to purchasing furniture from.  I just ended that sentence in a preposition, I think. 

Here's a few options from Overstock, maybe they'll work, hmmm?

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