Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Very recently I was wasting time on Instagram and noted a fabby fab post by Furbish Studio of a great Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls {whatever they're all the same thing} accent chair find.  And noted some ruddey rude comment to the effect of,  "Homegoods, oh my gosh, I never find anything there but iron wall art." 
This Maxximmista is offended.  Exsqueeze me, ma'am: are you {clearly} mistakenly referring to Kirkland's or are you just confused about life in general?  I resent that.  Because I am a loyal customer.  Here's why:

And yes this last image is in my home, so obviously it is a purchase that I don't regret.  {Thank you Clearance Isle $23 Tortoise Hurricane Vase by Ralph Lauren Home.}  So you can take your snobby snobbery decor attitude and kiss my grits or my great fat toe, or whichever you prefer.  Because that "I think I'm the next Kelly Wearstler" tone just isn't working for me.

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