Friday, May 17, 2013

Rectus Abdominis.

I feel the need to be honest with you.  Because it's the Christian thing to do. 

I am a victim of the Diastasis Recti.
Yes I said victim.  And I meant it.

I had a real life baby, everything got rearranged, stretched out, and kind of flopped back together.  So now.  Every time I binge eat (which is not unusual) I am stuck with a real life food baby.  A food pouch.  It's so attractive.  Really.  I feel like a Victoria's Secret model.

Luckily Blogger is still being a douche and I cannot resize this image so that you can actually see it, and I have had to re-do this post 3 times now.  Which is acceptable.  Because I have nothing but time when it comes to blogging for fun in regards to my belly pouch.

More info, in case you just don't get it.


Have you heard of The MuTu System?  Pelvic floor strengthening, transverse abdominal work, body alignment, basic core work.


So I guess I'll add that to my list of things to care about.

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