Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What a Waste

1.  Am I the only one who feels extremely guilty sitting down, doing nothing, at the end of the day, knowing there are still 93685965 things I could/should/would be doing...?

2. Also:  Am I the only one who hates this stupid What Would Ryan Lochte Do show?  How. not. good. can you get?

3. That being said:  Maybe it's because when I do sit down I learn about a lot of things that are not good wastes of brain space.  Like this...

So this is the genius idea to keeping your phone dry?  Oh look, it's from a great stylish sassy up to date mom blog.  You know how I feel about those.

I. Had a dream.  That mom blogs started looking like this...

a)  this looks like real life {I'm referring to the children acting like monkeys}
b) who doesn't want to know this mom?

More great wastes of time that leave me feeling guilty for sitting around...

Keeping your garbage and/or recyclables and plastering it to your door to hold more trash.  From another mom blog.  Or mom pinner. Whatevs.

Ladies.  You are embarrassing me.

Oh one more.

Great gift basket ideas.  I'm telling you if someone gift baskets in this manner. To my person. I'll probably (not mom) blog about it. 

Ragu.  Really.  Ragu. and Kroger Italian Seasoning. 

Take Note--THIS is a Gift Basket...

On that note.  I'm about to quit blogger and move on to some other blog domain.  Suggestions?  I'm so tired of this image issue.  Among lag time in page loading, messing up my blog title font, and overall inability to make me happy.  Which is the reason I blog to begin with.  And Blogger. Aint the boss. of me. 

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