Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding Season!

This weekend was a celebration, honey!  Let Wedding Seaserrrrn begin!!
You may or may not remember my mentioning some near and dear to my heart and soul ladies
So let's just take this time to say...

Congratulations to the Groom Best Wishes to the Bride-Elizabeth and Sammie!

Josh thinks so too. {Amy's Josh. Not my Josh.}

Well ok maybe my Josh too.


Yall, this couple has been together since high school.  So.  Here's to longstanding relationships! 

And fresh new relationships born at the Capitol Club Wedding Reception

And fun college first comes love then marriage then baby in the baby carriage relationships.

Excuse my unsteady hand

{Hiiii! It's us again!} And post college turned young professional, initially long distance relationships

And more fun college and now live in Wilmington with not 1 but 2 baby carriages relationships.


And more new bromance relationships 

 And ECU School of Nursing Class of 2006 relationships


Doesn't it just make you want to RIDE THE TRAIN?! {Come on ride it.  It's the choo choo}
And scream and shout and let it all out?

Elizabeth it was beautiful, of course-and of course we knew it wouldn't be anything less, thank you so much for having us to celebrate you and Sammie!

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