Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some of the Met Gala

Are you interested in the who what wear of the Met Gala this past weekend?  Yes me too.
Only because I want to be in a social club and wear all my best Marchesa gowns too.

Beyoncé's Blue Tail Feathers 2012

And Beyoncé 2013.  Because it's Beyoncé.

Rooney actually didn't wear black.  And looked way hot.

Ashley went for Bollywood.  And I love it.  Normally I think she looks like the bag lady. In a bad way.

Let's hear it for cut outs...Not sure how that top piece really works but hey.

Jessica Alba is famous only because she has a great stylist.

And Kristen Stewart always manages to look freshly rolled out of bed.
In a bad way.

Hey girl did you quit ENews? I know I would.


Oh dear Lord.  There's more where that came from.


Oh dear sweet sweet Lord.  Honestly.  She needs to be counseled.  In nursing world that means: she needs to be told what for. Why.  In dear Buddha's name would she not hire a stylist?  I don't care that she styled closets in the 90's or whatever.  That doesn't mean she was good. 

And I don't normally support Nicki because...well because I don't. {Ok you want to know?  Because she is tacky and negative and a hater with a bad attitude and a bad influence and expresses herself by insulting people over twitter by calling them names and challenging them to social media fights.  She's like the all bark no bite girl you avoided four years straight in high school who you run into 10 years later and acts shocked that she is the same person and you have actually grown into yourself. That's why.} However a little bird told me she was changing her look and it's about time.  That hair and make up is on point.  Finally.
How fun are you Coco Rocha?!
These images are from celebbuzz, fabsugar, popsugar, redcarpet-fashionawards

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