Sunday, May 5, 2013

My gift to myself.

I have finally come to terms with the fact that my house

1. is not baby friendly. 
and 2. should be for my sanity's sake. 
and 3. I have to figure out how to move in that direction while not going all Target and DIY crazy up in hurr.

Seriously.  That crap can only be taken but so seriously.

I just bought this chair.  Ok I bought two.  Happy Mother's Day to me.


And now post is basically a pinterest board of the direction in which my Family Room is headed. 

This is where we have started.

 And speckled black and white.
So I had curtains made in this fabric and my sister put together some matching floor pillows


Que an image similar to my rug...but not circa de 2009 pottery barn

 I ran into some (not exactly new. ok 2011) inspiration boards from isuwannee.

And I'll keep you posted, how about that?
Can I just tell you how burnt up I am over this image re-sizing issue? 

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