Monday, March 25, 2013

Printer's Alley

Yall.  Yall. Yah'ahll.  I happened by Printer's Alley  {In Raleigh, Not Greensboro} and just soaked up a little bit of inspiration and a lot of happy.

Why do Matouk Linen Displays warrant a picture?  I just love monogrammed linens, this will nevah change.

 I stumbled upon and wallered in the trimmings and tassel {SALE!} tower.  I think Jesus has a special place in heaven for a good tassel.

And I will now take this time to consider trimming my living room curtains in this tassel.  "Tassel Frog Peony" is on sale, as well.  Which is how I know it's meant to be. 

Be still my heart, aquamarine, skirting, and pink piping.  I think I may have $1300 in my back pocket just for this sweatpeat.

Thank the Lord this armchair was marked down to $900.  In my house there are many rooms. 

That would benefit from this color.

I squealed when I saw this credenza BECAUSE I just finished a dresser-turned-media cabinet IN THIS COLOR. THIS VERY COLOR. 

Then they read my mind in that I am searching for a skirted tufted ottoman.  But I'm too rich and swanky for this one.  Sorry, I'm here to tell the truth.

Great Sale on Dupioni Silk, I will be figuring out why I need this at $9/yard.  I told you, I'm here to tell the truth. 

I think this would also go well with my new silk purchase.  That I didn't purchase.  I said I stopped by. 

And I also intend to switch out my window treatments.  But will not be employing Printer's Alley's assistance, rather

I shall go to Lowe's Knows Home Improvement as I may or may not have mentioned in the past

And I'm spent ya'll...

And the baby's up from his nap.  That too.

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