Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Funday.

This weekend Whit broke out in this funky rash and we experienced our first : Sunday Afternoon In the Emergency Department.  I didn't really get good pictures to document the actual rash because I was too busy trying to talk myself down from internal images {of myself, the protagonist} cricoid accessing my child on the side of Hwy 74 in Monroe, North Carolina as his hypothetically edematous airway rapidly closed.

I didn't have to use any of my Trauma Nursing background but I was able to get the Triage Nurse to bump him to the front of line using hot button words like, "anaphylaxis",  "risk of acute respiratory distress", and "new-onset increasing airway edema." 

So we were in and out in a mere hour and a half after we ruled out augmentin allergy--shoot me in the face-say it ain't so because this will lead to my two year old requires vancomycin for his ear infections now, anxiety attack--to a viral erythema multiform--thank you Jesus--

Naturally he missed his nap and this is how he fell asleep on the way back to his Granna's house.

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