Friday, March 29, 2013


I mentioned last week that our weekend was full of projects.  Here's one of them.  This actually overflowed into the week.  Which has left me exhausted.

Remember when it all began?

Yeah well it never stops. I decided to paint the inside of these shelves.

 With the intent to match this rug which is in the adjacent room.

And/Or these peonies.

What a pain in my arse.

I truly do not enjoy doing stuff like this. Alas: the things poor girls will do to look like rich girls.  For more jerry-rigging pointers: Go Here.

But I had to get ready to host a baby shower, see?

And the deadlines of baby showers force me to finish the good work to completion.

Which is a good thing. Because now I am done.  Now will someone please come over and style these shelves?

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